Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Piggies gone and Sunday, Bloody Sunday!

Well, we are almost all healthy and Kevin is the only one of us who did not catch the N1H1. We are all feeling better but the cough and headache is lingering. Kids are back in school and all is well but I must tell you about the calamity of errors that occurred on Sunday.

We had a busy weekend with a party on Friday night, an adult only Halloween party we love and look forward to on Saturday night and we were supposed to go to Disneyland on Sunday after church. Needless to say, everything was cancelled due to our unforeseen illness. Sunday we were all laying around like bumps on logs just trying to survive. Ethan and Owen were both feeling a lot better and were medicated so they were on the side yard playing hockey. They came in and Ethan wanted to re tape his hockey stick. I'm laying on the couch with Mia and Kevin is on the computer. All of a sudden we hear "oh no oh no-- it cant be--help help." When I hear that my stomach turns and my heart stops. Sure enough, I look in the kitchen and Ethan has his hand in the air, blood is everywhere and he is yelling. Being the wuss I am I sent Kevin into the war zone and sure enough, Ethan had literally chopped off the top of his thumb and it was flapped over-- holy cow it turns my stomach to type it--gross!! It was about mid thumb on the fleshy side cut in half but still attached. I never looked because I would have freaked but Kevin bandaged it and headed to Urgent Care (where he then spent the next 5 hours waiting for them to stitch the thumb back on). Turns out Ethan was attempting to cut the existing hockey tape off his stick with a very large and sharp Santuko kitchen knife-- always impressed with my sons well thought out plans-- holy cow!!! So Kevin and Ethan leave and I begin to clean up all the blood that has been spread everywhere. I finally finish the gruesome clean up and all of a sudden Mia comes running into the kitchen crying and she is literally covered in blood. It is all over her night gown, face, hands, mouth-- everywhere!! I'm freaking out because I cant tell where the blood is coming from but then I realize she was having her first bloody nose. My boys never had a bloody nose nor have Kevin or I so I have never had to deal with a bloody nose and the large volume of blood produced. I got the nose stopped and got her in the bath and then proceeded to then spend the next chunk of time cleaning up the blood from her nose. Holy cow was that a bloody morning-- As U2 put it-- Sunday, Bloody Sunday!!!

So we are fine now and back to work and school. Ethan, with his stitched up thumb, is at science camp up in the mountains for two nights until Friday with his 6th grade class. He was sooooooo excited this morning when I dropped him off with his suitcase and sleeping bag at school. Owen is good and looking forward to Grandparents day at school on Friday. Mia, Kev and I are looking forward to traveling to San Diego to see my blogger pal Kim's son Nick graduate from Marine Boot Camp on Friday-- Go Nick!!!

One more item-- guess who turns 3 tomorrow????? Yes you guessed it-- my little independent, never stops talking, strong willed girl-- Miss Mia June Fei!! October 29, 2006!! I am hoping to get some cute pictures of her tomorrow but not sure if that is going to happen so the birthday post may be delayed by a few days-- we will see. Here are a few pictures of Mia in her Sunday School Class a few weeks ago. I thought it was so cute the way they hold onto the rope- I had to take a picture of it!

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  1. Sorry you've all been so sick, but I'm glad you're better now!

  2. Wow! Blook freaks me out too. I'm glad that everyone is ok. We haven't had any nosebleeds with Sophia yet, but I have heard it is common among the little China kiddos.
    Have a wonderful Halloween and give Kim a hug for me! Love her!

  3. Oh gosh! I would have flipped out! On the thumb that is. Glad all is well there.
    Have a wonderful time tomorrow and give Kim a hug for me and tell Nick we are so proud of him here!
    AND......Happy Birthday Mia!!!

  4. Oh my -- that had to be so scary! Hope all are well soon. And little Mia - 3 -- how can that be! Hope she has a wonderful birthday!


  5. Happy third birthday Miss Mia!
    I'm so happy to hear your all
    feeling better. I cant wait
    to see the pics from San
    Diego and Mia's birthday!