Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Birthday That Never Ends!!!!

It seemed as if we celebrated Ethan's birthday like 4 times but this was the final family celebration at our house on Sunday night. It was just family and it was really low key.

Owen arranged and lit all the candles and had to carry the cake out. A little freaked with the huge torch but he did fine.

Checking out the cake

Leading the wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday

And blowing!!
On another note, tomorrow is hair cutting day for the boys-- yaaaaaaaa!!! There is a dress and hair code at the boys school next year so I will post tomorrow night the afters-- I cant wait to see it short again.
I got a wild hair to clean my closet today and have a huge mound of clothes to give away. My Sunday school class has dibs and then its going to charity. Anyway, busy busy busy but all is well!


  1. Hi Christy,

    Thanks for coming and visiting our
    blog! I love all the new pics and
    cant wait to see their haircuts!
    I will get to Disney one of these
    days. Hopefully soon after we
    get Katherine. Then the three
    girls can hang out. The latest
    on Katie is we will see her soon
    and we have not been blessed to
    get any new updates. They will
    not do it at her SWI. It has
    really bummed me out too.

    Have a great week!



  2. Lots of celebrating going on in your house these days:)

    Nick's school has the same rule on has to be short and well long bangs or shaggy looks!!

    Will be looking forward to the after photos!!

    Cannot imagine how much you have in Mia's closet.....she is one of the best dressed girls I know!! So nice that you donate and give to people who need it!


  3. LOVE the photos..
    Can't wait to see the boys new hair cut..
    As for you cleaning out your closet..
    I can't imagine..wish I lived closer.. I would be going through
    Have a great week.

  4. Great way to end the birthday celebrating -- with a big blazing cake! Can't wait to see your boys with their haircuts -- they are so darn cute!


  5. Can't wait to see the hair cuts! Looks like a great family party was had, love those! Hope you guys are doing okay with the fires down there, you've been in my prayers.