Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ethan and Owen's Birthday Sleepover

Ethan and Owens birthdays are 1 month to the day apart (Owen July 25 and Ethan August 25) and we have always done separate parties for them but this year we decided to do their parties together. It was a great decision as they have a lot of mutual friends and we were able to kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak. The boys invited 17 of their friends and all 17 came--wow lots of boys! We started at our house and then walked to the park down the street for pizza and lazer tag. The lazer tag did not start until 7:30pm so they played mostly in the dark and they loved it. After lazer tag we came back to our house and had cake, presents and then swimming, hockey, bikes and whatever they wanted to do. The boys spent the night in our back yard in a huge tent (which was a great plan to keep them out of the house)and the fun was still going at 2am. They tell me that they fell asleep around 3am and were up promptly around 7am so I think we will have 17 tired boys. This morning they played and ate and swam and just acted like boys. Really fun party!!!

This is the barriers they set up for the lazer tag.

Miss Mia had a blast as well

The boys eating pizza

There are a ton of fires burning in southern California so the sky is just beautiful against the sunset.

The kids with their guns

Silly boys

Trying to look way too cool!

Again, way too cool!

Uncle Brad and Ethan

Owen and Mia


  1. Fun party!! Sounds like something outa my house...lots of boys and tons of boy fun until the wee hours of the morning! LOVE IT! Happy Birthday boys!

  2. Everyone looks like they had a great time!!!

    Oh how I miss living in Corona (although it was more Norco than Corona, I think) and seeing the view of those mountains. Sigh......

    We're heading out the end of September to Taiwan to bring home our little boy. I can't wait to have 2 boys running around and I can only wish they get along as well as your boys do.

    Take care.

    Bruce's Mommy

  3. What a fun party!!!!!!!! Looks like everyone had a BLAST!!!

  4. Wow! That is a SUPER PARTY!!! Great job Mom!

  5. LOVE IT..
    Boy parties are always fun..wait till they start playing video games ALL NIGHT
    Looks like great Birthday parties..
    have a great week..
    and look at Mia's pretty little teeth..

  6. What a fun party and what a brave Mama!!! Your kids are all soooo darling and in these pictures it is so amazing how much Mia looks like the boys to me...especially in the pic of Owen and Mia...their smiles..isn't it amazing how these little girls are given by God to the perfect families!!

  7. That's awesome...looks like even a fun time for adults (minus the seventeen kids, of course!) certainly are brave and gracious to throw such a huge party!! Sounds like it was well organized and a major hit for all of the boys, though. My son, Dawson, would've LOVED it!! We had a big bash at our place a few years ago and invited all of the boys in his homeroom class... and every single one of them came! We rented the big blow-up jumper "thingys" and had an array of outdoor games to play...thank goodness for cooperative weather! But I can't imagine having had them all overnight. We sugared 'em up good, and sent them all home! LOL!! :)

    Happy Birthday to your boys!

    p.s.>> Mia is such a hunny!! A living doll if I do say so myself! :) God bless!

  8. It looks like the joint party was a huge success. Cute pictures!

  9. What an awesome party for them! You go, Mom!

  10. What a great party!! It looks like the boys...and Mia too, had a fantastic time!! Nick has been begging me to have one of these parties:)

    Enjoy your weekend!


  11. Mia is so adorable, a cutie! Love her smiles!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  12. Holy cow... your boys are just so cute! How bout we save Ethan for Cameron and Owen for Jordan!!

    Is it bad that I am trying to set up my 9 yr old and 6 yr old?

    Hope you guys are doing well. We are hanging in here in NJ. Take care.
    Sarah Simonsen

  13. Looks like they all had a fun time! Love the sunset pic as well!

  14. Christy,

    Love all the new photos! Boy the kids looked like they had a ball!
    Hope your ALL doing well! We got
    our LOA,we should be heading back to China in November!!!



  15. Wow -- what fun times! That looks like a blast!