Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9/9/09 The First Day of School- Upland Christian Academy

Today was the boys first day of school at their new school home, Upland Christian Academy!! It was a wonderful morning that started with me arriving at the school at 7am to blow up balloons for the balloon release and then around 7:45am all the families began to arrive and at 8am the praise and worship time began. It was so amazing to be singing praise songs in the court yard of our kids new school with fellow believers surrounding us. It was so special that I actually teared up a bit. This is something Kevin and I have wanted for our kids for a long time but this year was the year all things came together. It was just an amazing time.

Arriving in the courtyard.

Ethan and Mia walking in.

Mommy and her amazing kids! You can kind of see the hair cuts. The school has a hair cut rule so we had to cut both the boys but Ethan's was much more drastic as he had like 4 inches cut off. I think he looks cute-- both boys do!

In the court yard

Mia wanted to stay and go to school too. They actually will have a preschool eventually (through the church) and I would love to enroll her as soon as it is up and running.

y Mia and Owen. The elementary kids wear uniforms (Thank you Lord) but the junior high and high school wear what they want but there is still a strict dress code (no skulls etc.)

And our happy family!!! The boys were so excited and I was sooooo ready for them to start school (since all the neighborhood kids have been in school since August 10 and the boys have been going crazy at home)

My handsome 4th grader!!

My handsome 6th grader!!!

A view from the 2nd floor

Pastor Diego praying for the school! It was so wonderful to pray with this group -- amazing!

Getting ready for the balloon release

And the release

So beautiful

My dorky boys

Owen in his class

I love his teacher Ms. Bronner. She is great and Owen's response at the end of the day was "she is really strict but really fun"- perfect for Owen!

Owen and Kevin saying goodbye

Overall, it was a great morning and I am so happy we chose to place the boys at UCA. It is such a wonderful family and we feel blessed to now be a part of it. I also am so thankful I get to be the school psych at UCA and be able to work there one day a week.


  1. Wow -- what a great start to the school year! The boys look so cute and so does Mia and you and hubby too! Sounds like it will be a fabulous year for all of you!


  2. I'm so excited for the boys. It looks like it will be a fantastic experience for them.

    Wow, I can't believe how much Mia is growing.

    Mommy to Two Busy Boys

  3. YEA..
    Sooo excited for the boys.. sounds like an AMAZING school..
    LOVE the photos..
    LOVE the family photo..
    Your hair looks GREAT..

  4. Wow! What a fabulous first day of school! I love the balloon release! Great family pictures!

  5. What an amazing way to start the school year off. Just to be surrounded by everyone in worship is awesome! UCA looks amazing and you wont regret it at all! Love the boys hair cuts..cute cute!!

  6. What a great way to kick off the new school year! It looks like a fantastic school and it sounds like everyone is happy.....and how wonderful that you get to work there one day a week!


    PS....Love the new dos the boys are sportin!

  7. Looks like a fantastic school. What way to start the year off. The boys look great with their new cuts! Mia is as adorable as ever.

  8. What a wonderful looking school!!!!!! No uniforms?? I'll bet MIA can't wait to go too! LOVE the balloon release :)

  9. What an event! How awesome was that? I want to go to that school!

    And girl, while i love all the pics - I especially love the one of you with your kids. What a wonderful shot...

    Any minute now, I'll get Keira home, right? Any minute...please Lord! Feels like I'm walking straight up hill at the moment...

  10. What a great day for your family! So happy that the Lord will be in the classroom with your boys - and how cool to do worship to open the school year!

    Miss you friend - love to all!!

  11. This looks like a fabulous school and you all look so happy to be there. It is really nice to be able to openly pray and worship at school. Until last year. my boys were always at a Christian school too. i miss that. I wish you all a great school year.

  12. What a special school!!!!!!! And, you look FABULOUS!