Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday Night Pizza Night

Friday nights have officially become "Pizza Nights" around our home. Kevin changed his work schedule so that he could be home by 5pm each night in order to help out and do all the cooking. For me, I enjoy cooking but paired with homework and all the craziness, I don't enjoy it every night. Kevin on the other hand totally loves to cook and thinks of it kind of like therapy. Kevin cooked each night this week and in an effort to spend less money, we are making Friday nights pizza and movie nights (homemade pizza- before we would have eaten out and gone to a movie and spent way too much $.) So far so good with the whole Kevin cooking thing and the things seem to be going smoothly with the whole back to school thing.

Didn't have the flash on for this picture but here they are rolling out the dough.

Flash on-- don't like the color but all the kids pitched in and had a great time doing so-- even though Owen is not smiling-- he loved it too.

See!! Here is my little Happy man!

Mia and Owen checking on the progress of our first pizza. The first pizza was sausage and pepperoni and the second pizza was a deep dish (because we only have one round pan) BBQ chicken pizza with red onion, cilantro, chicken and BBQ sauce.

Mia on the floor

Little poser-- she was so cute- she said "mommy lay on the ground with me and take my picture"


So officially I really love Kevin cooking. This week we have enjoyed items like home made vechemile pasta with cauliflower and flat iron steaks with some yummy sauce and kind of like a ratatouille and the most amazing beer can chicken steamed on the BBQ with a corn, cabbage and bacon warm salad. Everything has been amazing and I love that Kevin loves to cook-- it really is like therapy for him and a relief for me.


  1. Wow...sounds like a gourmet menu!! :) Nothing says a good man like a husband who can really cook!!! ;o) And I love the chef hat on your son!...nice touch!!

    Mia is just too sweet for words! Everytime I see a photo of her my heart just melts. I can't imagine what it does to your heart to look into those beautiful eyes. She is definitely one adorable little cutie-pie!! :o)

    Have a blessed weekend. You have me craving homemade pizza now!! ;o)


  2. My fav pizza is bbq chicken! Yum!! So happy to hear Kevin is home for dinner and to make it for that matter! Enjoy your Friday night pizza nights!

  3. Can I just say LUCKY MOMMA! I swear..some women! ((Wink))

    WE just started making home made pizza and LOVE it - it is so easy to always have the ingredients on hand too!

  4. You will have to post some of his recipes as he is making us WIVES look pretty
    Your meals sound wonderful and the pictures are great!!!

  5. WOW.. sounds like SOOO MUCH FUN..
    Love homemade pizza..
    Glad that Kevin can be home for dinner ...
    Love the photos..
    Love ya girly..

  6. It looks like you have a Chef Daddy at your house too! Cute pictures!

  7. Will Kevin come cook at my house! I have such a hard time pulling dinner together with school, activities and homework. As dh is rarely (never) home for dinner on weeknights, its hard to motivate to make anything too interesting either!

    Your menu sounds yummy!

  8. The food sounds great! We have a tradition of "Family Tent Night" on firday nights. We make pizza, build a tent of sheets, blankets and pillows in the living room and rent a movie. We all sleep in the tent and its great fun. My 6 year old son thinks this is the greatest thing and looks forward to it all week! Thanks for sharing your pictures. Sharon (in NC)

  9. Sounds like a really great way to spend a friday night after a long and busy week!!

    I also love to cook, but it is near impossible to cook a full dinner each and every weeknight when you work full time! I try to do A LOT of cooking on the weekend so we have some leftovers to get us through Monday and Tuesday and then I usually cook the next few nights. It helps to ease us into the week:)

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  10. Wow -- that sounds like a great plan! Wish somebody else would cook at my house! Maybe will have to designate Mr. TEnnis as the Chef!!

    Have a great week!


  11. This sounds like a great plan!
    My favorite pizza place is Bellacinos pizza and grinders, here you can buy one and get one pizza free.

  12. You are so lucky. I hate to cook and my hubbby can't cook. So I have to do it. Your meals sound heavenly