Monday, August 17, 2009

Disneyland with Auntie Lo

Before I begin, I want to apologize about not being a stellar blogger and blogger reader this summer. I really have just had a lot to do and blogging has been put towards the bottom of my must do list. Starting your own company and then it growing so quickly along with starting a special ed department at my kids private school and then also trying to get things squared away at my normal work-- oh ya and raise 3 kids and be a wife-- its just a lot right now. So, something has had to give a bit and sadly, blogging is one of the easy things to let slide. I think that when school starts again and I am back to work -- official work not my business- that it may be easier to jump online and do some blogging, but we will see. So sorry dear blogger friends that I have been a horrible blogger friend recently. Sorry to all my lucky mommies that I have been a bad lucky mommy friend as well. This summer and next year is going to be such a transition year for our family with growing my business so there are things that have to give. Hugs to all!!!!
We have been to Disneyland a few times in the last couple weeks with Laila, kids, Laura and Cassie. It has been a lot of fun in our busy summer. Sorry the pictures are so limited but there are very few pictures of Laura and I or even Laila and I that I decided to post many of them here so we always have them. Laura just moved back from Manhattan (she is a doctor)so it is great getting the opportunity to spend all this time with Lo.

I also played with the Sepia on these pictures since many of them the lighting was off. I used my little camera so the pictures are not nearly as good as my big camera. I love this picture with the girls holding hands. Too cute!!!

The girls are 9 months apart in age and hopefully will be in the same grades at school as long as we put Mia in on time (she is a late October bday and the cut off in CA is December 2, so she is really young for her grade so we are not sure to put her in or keep her out-- probably put her in since she seems so academically inclined but we Will see)

They just crack me up. They are so different but get along so well. Mia is-- well like her mommy and Ava is-- well like her mommy. One loud and sometimes obnoxious and the other, not so much-- Ill let you guess who is who--hmmmm.....

Laila and I

Laura and I (one of those rare pictures). Again, strange lighting so I turned us sepia.

Playing on the railings while waiting in line.

Beautiful Ava. I just love this picture of her. She looks so beautiful with her long gorgeous hair!!

The Carousel-- a Disneyland must!!!

Another Lo and I picture

Laila and the kids

Sadly, one of the only pictures of Owen. They are always off on the big rides with Cassie so I just never get them in pictures. Sorry boys!!


  1. Looks like fun.. but it is always FUN with you..
    hope you got my email with all the info. on Nick's graduation..
    I sooo hope you guys can make it ..
    He would truly appriciate it and I would LOVE to see the WHOLE family..
    I totally understand about the blogging.. I will be here when you are back..

  2. Michelle and I are going this Thursday (hopefully) at 10am if you want to join us. Missed you at the bbq yesterday!


  3. I've been a really bad blogger for a while now. I don't have near the good reasons you do...I've just been lazy!! Cute pics!

  4. You are having a great summer and doing what you need to do and that's be with family and friends and take care of number 1 first! No worries about blogging my friend.

    Love to see Laila and Laura on your blog. Reminds me of what a small world it really is. Give them both lots of hugs for me.

  5. Holy moly! You are one busy mama!

    It looks like you had a great time at Disney. Cute pictures!

  6. I totally understand the whole busy momma/neglecting blog thing...that's been my life too. Now that Rudy had his tonsils out we are home bound for at least a week and I'm hoping to catch up on things.

    Looks like another fun trip to Disney! : )

  7. Great pictures! I know what you mean about blogging. I haven't had time to keep up with mine very well, much less visit others.