Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mexico Cruise

We had a great time on our little 3 day Mexico cruise. We went out of San Diego, cruised out into the ocean, then to Ensanada Mexico and then back to Mexico. It was short and sweet and we had a great time.

Boys getting their drink cards at the bar-- soda cards

Checking out the ship

Checking out the pool and spa

Mom and the kids-- a rare picture-

Mamma Mia!!!

Chilling before we left port

Dancing on deck

Dancing girl

Dorky kids

My amazingly handsome boy-- I mean tween

Remember the view from the Midway to the Elation a month or so ago-- now here is the view from the Elation at the Midway.

The Mini Golf on the top deck with San Diego in the background

Owen hitting some balls

Ethan hitting some balls too

Pretty Girl!!

One of those funky side ways picture

Tomorrow I will post the Ensanada pictures


  1. VERY FUN...
    Looks like the kids had TONS of fun..
    Can't wait to see the other photos..
    Have a great week..

  2. Great pictures of everyone! Looks like you guys had a blast. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Great photos -- that had to be so much fun!


  4. Wow! That looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. Looks like a WONDERFUL time! :)
    You have such a beautiful family. I love Mia's yellow sundress, and your son has the most adorable dimples!! Stunning kids! And the best part is, you can really see that they love eachother. Priceless!

  6. How FUN!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the Ensanada pictures.

  7. Great pictures! I love how Mia is posing with her brothers and looking oh so grown up! Glad you all enjoyed the cruise and are home safe and sound.

  8. A three day cruise to Mexico sounds perfect to me! It looks like you had a blast! I love Mia's dress. She is getting soooo big!