Monday, August 24, 2009

Bass Lake and Yosemite

Before I begin I must mention to those who are not on facebook, that Mia was put under general anesthesia this morning at 6am to fill the 14 cavities in her teeth. It is just crazy how she ended up with 14 cavities but we are on a rigorous regimen now and we will keep those nasty cavities at bay from now on!!!! She went under easily and had a tough time waking up but she did fine. She was under for about 1 hour 45 minutes and took a long time to wake up. Once awake, she was really groggy and could not even walk for a long time. Very uncoordinated and fussy today but tonight she was much better. Thanks for all the prayers out there and she is doing great!!!!

We just got back last night from Bass Lake and Yosemite. It was a great time with my family. I did not realize it until once we were there, but I totally forgot my nice camera so all I had was my little camera and it was almost dead. I do believe if my head was not attached to my body that I would forget it as well. I am just clueless and needless to say I have very few pictures- ugggg!!!! Here are the ones I got:

Boys on the back of the boat hanging on for dear life while their father attempts to knock them off!

Like I said before, my camera was almost dead when I pulled it out of my purse so I had to spare pictures. Sadly, I forgot to bring the camera on the speed boat day and did not get a picture of the boys wake boarding. They both got up really easily and was able to totally wake board. I was so proud of them. One picture I am happy we did not get was the picture of me wake boarding. I did however wake board three times and had the sorest muscles ever the next day--ugg!

Family picture in Yosemite-- one of my favorite places on earth!!!

The whole crew posing for the traditional Yosemite pic. My parents have been bringing us to Yosemite since we were little kids.

Totally cute picture of the kids-- love it!!!

All the kids showing their souvenirs from the gift shop in Yosemite.

Mia hanging with John Muir

Mia and Savannah in the cave

Mia playing with her little stuffed mountain lion and the squirrel

We went rock scrambling and Mia actually climbed a bunch of rocks and did a great job. She had one fall and scraped her belly but overall she did great!

Owen climbing a rock

Cassie, Owen and Nathan

Cassie, Savannah and Mia

Papa and his girls!!!


  1. Great pictures! What a beautiful place, wow!!! I love the picture of Papa and his girls! So cute!!

    I'm so glad Mia's dentist appt is over with and that she is doing good. It's always so scary when they have to go under.

  2. What a beautiful place.....I am so glad that you at least had your little camera so that you could capture a few!! It looks like you had a really great time!!

    Sorry to hear about poor little Mia....that is just way to much for a little one to endure....I hate the dentist. I hope she is feeling better:)


  3. LOVE the photos..
    Looks like a WONDERFUL Day...
    LOVE the photo of the 3 kids.. sorry you forgot the big camera.. that would have made me upset..
    the view is beautiful..looks like tons of fun..
    Glad Mia is doing well..
    I sent you an email..

  4. Gorgeous pictures, girl! I love the one you love of your kids!! What a view!

  5. Oh my I want to go to Yosemite so bad! We go camping in the winter there and have so much fun and just long to go back all year long. mmmmm maybe we'll have to make it our first trip with Jenny once we're home....just a thought!! :)

    Love the pictures Christy! You have such a beautiful family and it is so wonderful to hear how you guys are. Lots and lots of hugs!

  6. Great pics. Hope Mia feels better soon. 14 cavities? wow. poor baby.

  7. So sorry about Mia's cavities and I am so glad to hear that she is fine. your trip looks so fun! You all travel to some great places!

  8. Hope Mia is feeling better today!

  9. Hi Christy, this is my first time to your blog. Where is your sweet pea from? We were in China in June 2007. Your little bug is just precious.

  10. Wow -- it is so beautiful there! Looks like everyone had so much fun!

    Sorry about those cavities for little Mia. Maddy has had a few too and already has a crown -- on a baby tooth.

    Hope all is going well with all of you as you enjoy the back to school time of year!


  11. Wonderful wonderful photos. Your post makes me a little nervous as I am hearing about this over and over again. Our girls have beautiful teeth, but then we find out they have so many cavities. I need to get Sophia and Eli to the dentist.