Monday, February 4, 2008

More Park Fun!!

(I would like to apologize for all the spelling errors. The blogger spell check is not working-- I have seen tons of blogs having this trouble so sorry in advanced)

I joined Stroller Strides a few weeks ago and LOVE IT!!! It is the longest (don’t laugh but literally 3 weeks is some of the longest I have stayed with exercise) I’ve stayed with a program. Don’t stick with the gym. Don’t stick with classes. Don’t pretty much stick with anything that makes me sweat-- as pitiful as that is. But here is the deal. For the longest time I was looking for something to get Mia involved in that she could play with other kids and just be active and have fun. One of the major reasons I am sticking with Stroller Strides is because it provides exercise for me and also play for Mia. We start and end in a park and after we are done Mia spends as long as we want playing at the park. Here in Southern California it is really nice and sunny (besides the rain we have been having) so it is just beautiful to be outside in the fresh air. Anyway, I decided to do a photo shoot of Mia at the park playing. She just loves it soooooo much. She gets so excited that she screams. Check out the video. She is so animated.

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Mia loves all the little kid things at the park. It is really cute!!

Love these pictures of Mia comming down the slide. She would climb backwards up the slide and then go down screeming. Her hair went crazy with the static-- It was so cute!!
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I forgot to mention that I filed Mia's paperwork for the Re-Adoption today. Our court date to finalize the adoption is on March 3. Mia is officially a US citizen and we are officially her parents but we wanted to get her a California birth certificate so she is able to obtain one easily in the future. We did not have to go through the re-adopt but we decided it would be easier for her in the future. Now she will have an official California Birth Certificate-- WAY COOL!!! For all you who are curious, it was so easy. I took all her tons of paperwork from China and the required paperwork for the courts (all of which I did online on Adobe-- very easy) and a notarized copy of her 6 month post placement report from our agency and that was it. I handed a bunch of stuff to the clerk, she looked at it and pulled what she needed and then there were a few more papers they wanted me to do while I was there but that was it. I had to go to Kinko's and get a full set of copies for our records and to bring to the hearing in March-- but that was pretty much it. Oh ya, I had to pay $20 also (that is much better than the $200 + that agencies charge to help with the process. It is really so easy you can totally do it on your own- no need for the agencies help). So, if you are thinking of doing a re-adopt, DO IT!! It is really easy and will make our lives and Mia's life much easier in the future!!


  1. Love the pictures..
    Sounds like the Stroller Strides are wonderful...
    Looks like Mia just LOVES playing on all the playground equipment...
    On the Re-Adoption..
    So glad to know that we won't have to pay more to the agencies..
    Have a Great Week..

  2. So cute! Mia is so brave...she has no fear! It must come from two older brothers. I was just thinking about you today and the re-adoption stuff. I am glad you had no problems. I really think the "ticket" is to have the post-placement notarized. Your county doesn't have as long of a wait for your court date! We filed Sept 27th, and our court date wasn't until December 11th.

    Yes, Disney SOON!

  3. Congratulations on getting your paperwork all filed!

  4. Yep! We did something like that with Caroline. Got a "Court Ordered Delayed Registration of Birth". Best thing for her. Can you imagine having to request a copy of your birth certificate from China?? Ugh!

    She has a California Birth Certificate now so I am happy!

    PS: Hi Karen! It was nice to meet you with the Salsa Twins at Rainforest Cafe!


  5. Love the video and pics. Her hair sticking up is so cute. I actually went for a walk today. Time to get off the behind and get in shape! I can't stand feeling blah!

  6. Such a sweet video! Mia is a DOLL! : )

  7. good for you, Christy!

    Good to know with the re-adoption stuff. I always figured that we'd do it - but that just solidifies it! Thanks:)

  8. I wish our city had a Stroller Strides! Maybe I should start one! I would love to have "guilt free" exercise! Keep up the good work!

    Adorable video too!

  9. didn't go through an attorney to re-adopt Mia here in the US? Where did you go? I am VERY interested in this. We just don't have the $200 to $300 now to do it. Email me with the details!!!
    Thanks for the info!

  10. So cute!! Good to know on the re-adopt stuff. thanks!