Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mandarins for my Mandarin!!

This has actually been a bit of a slow weekend. Kevin has had to work a ton this weekend with a DUI checkpoint on Friday night and then he has to work Sunday all day and Monday all day so, we did not have a ton of plans. Mia and I went to a baby shower today and Kevin took Owen and his pal Kasey (Ethan is in San Felipe Mexico with his friend and his family at their vacation home for the weekend-- lucky boy :) "JEEPING" on some trails with some friends. They went on some pretty scary trails but had a blast. Anyway, we were about to take off for dinner tonight and Mia was very hungry. That girl will literally eat mandarin oranges 24/7 if I let her so I gave her an orange to pacify her until dinner. She was literally shoving the oranges into her mouth and juice was dripping everywhere. It was so funny I had to take pics-- of course.



After we got home from dinner Mia was acting totally goofy before bed. She was actually repeating almost everything we were requesting her to say-- so language is really coming along. She was jumping on the ottoman and just cracking herself up-- so I had to video it-- of course!!

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Anyway, tomorrow is a relaxing day while Kevin works and then Monday I am taking Owen snowboarding. A bunch of our friends are all coming and many of the moms are not boarding so there will be lots of people to help care for Mia. I think she will be fine and I will just do a run here and there. I should have some good pics from that.

Monday night, we are hosting our Adoption Agencies in China Coordinator Judy and her son for the night. They are here visiting the US for the first time ever. They have been here for a few weeks and I believe will be here for another few weeks so it is a big trip for them. They want to get a "slice of the American life" so Tuesday I am taking them to Disneyland and then they will be moving onto another family. I really am excited to host them. I think it will be cool to talk to Judy and pick her brain.
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  1. HOW CUTE!!!!
    Mia is sooo adorable..I love when her little nose is all curled up...
    WOW she really likes those oranges...
    How fun to host Judy and her son.. that will be fun going to Disneyland..."I want to go"....LOL..
    LOVE the video...
    Owen is cracking me up...
    "I hope she doesn't fart...Let me see inside your mouth"..
    He is tooo funny!!!!
    Can't wait to see the pictures from snowboarding...
    Love Mia's outfit...
    Hugs to you girly..
    Have a Great Calm Weekend..

  2. Christy, I had Mia's photo's up
    and here come's Allie and she
    sais " My Baby" thought that
    was so cute!!! Allie loves
    the oranges too!

    Enjoy your day!!!


  3. That Mia is cute beyond words! Have fun at Disney land. I totally agree that it would be SO fun to get our families together. I will definitely let you know if we ever come to your coast and you must do the same:)

  4. Its been so long since I've read your blog - I am so bad. I loooove the pictures. Can't believe how much Mia has grown! So beautiful. Sounds like all is well and warm in your part of the world. :)

  5. What adorable pics of Mia stuffing her face! Silas loves Mandarin oranges too! He could live off of fruit!! Cute video too!! She seems SO happy!! Great to hear from you again!! Have a great day off tomorrow!!

  6. The little Clementine tangerines are a hit with Caroline too. She LOVES them! I have to ration them or she will devour the entire 5-lb box in a day!


  7. The video was a trip..she was totally cracking herself up!! I love her little outfit in the orange pictures:) She is such a peanut!

  8. Cute pictures of Mia. She looks great in yellow! Love the orange pictures too!

    Have fun at Disneyland!

  9. She is just a cutie pie!!!

    We love mandarine oranges too!!

  10. That Mia...she is one cutie pie of a kid!! Love the orange pictures, what a little hambone!

    I think it is pretty cool that you snowboard; couldn't do it if my life depended upon it! Have fun!

    And enjoy your visit with the coordinator, what a fab opportunity. Post pics please! Enjoy Disney.


  11. Christy,

    Just so you know it's my left
    wrist too. I have been to the
    Doctor and he said that I have
    tendonitis ( I cant spell hehe)
    But the problem is I have a cyst around the nerves of my wrist I had the choice to do the injections
    but I was told it wouldn't help
    with the cyst and it's getting
    bigger and more painful daily so
    we decided to see how the brace
    would work. It hasn't helped much
    and I am still in alot of pain so
    we decided to remove the cyst and
    he will fix the tendon's while he
    is in there. Do you have a lump
    on your wrist?

    Call me sometime!!!!

    I hope your wrist feels better
    soon!!! Say hello to Mickey for
    me!! I hope you can meet us in
    Sept at Disney!!!

    Sindy & Allie

  12. What sweet, funny pictures of Mia eating the orange! How much fun you must be having as her language develops!!

    Snowboarding sounds like great fun...not sure if I could do it though! :-)

    Enjoy the visit with your coordinator. How fabulous!


  13. too cute. love the little squeals and giggles.


  14. Too cute. The video is funny. Of course, Owen has to bring up the "fart" subject. THat is so my boys.

  15. Mia is too cute! How do you get anything done with that little cutie by your side? : )

  16. Mia is such a doll! My Ellie loves mandarin oranges too! She would eat them 24/7 if I let her! I couldn't see your video, only a corner of the screen came on, bummer! Anyway, have fun at Disneyland! You lucky duck!!

  17. Mia is so precious. I just stumbled across your blog. We adopted our daughter from Chongqing China last February.

    I love the metallic tennis shoes - would you mind sharing the brand name with me?

    Best wishes -