Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beautiful Sunshine & Scouts

The weather here in Southern California has been anything but winter. It has been in the 70's, 80's and even 90's on one day. It has been beautiful and a nice change from the crazy cold we have had (totally joking-- if you consider 40's and 50's cold). We have had a ton of rain so far this winter and I hope we have more but for the time being, the beautiful sunshine has been nice.



We had Scouts tonight and it was so cute becuase Mia wanted to stand with the boys while they were reciting some stuff. The boys are so sweet to her. Oh ya, and that is Owen with his shirt open. He is not in Ethan's troop but still does stuff with them. He and another younger brother were running around like crazy so I guess Owen decided to open his shirt to cool off-- really cute Owen-- button up-- gezzz!!!

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  1. It has been warmer here too...
    I like it just like it is...
    Not to cold , not to warm....LOL..
    LOVE the pictures...
    Owen cracks me up... love it..
    Mia is tooo cute...
    Have a Great Valentine's Day..

  2. OK...Mia is SO expressive and just looks so darn cute in those spring clothes!!! I'm so not ready for spring and summer!! I like winter better cause the more clothes I can put on and "cover up"....the happier I am!!! :) I'm working on that with my Two Pound Tuesday!!! Hopefully when we're in full swing of Spring and Summer I'll be more comfortable in those cute clothes!!!

    The pic of Owen is hilarious!!! Boys are so funny, aren't they?

    Hope you have a fantastic day!!! happy Valentines Day!!

  3. Great pictures -- love Mia's shirt.

    I want to live there! It is sooooo cold in Nebraska. I am so ready for Spring!

  4. We too are having awesome weather! I actually have a little sun burn going on. Cute pics!!

  5. Too funny! They are so cute.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. I love it that Ethan is holding his sister's hand. How sweet is that!! Your boys are so wonderful to their little sister!!!!

    I love your snow pictures! Of course I am jealous that you have the choice to drive to snow and then have the ability to have nice 70-90's degree weather as well!!! We had 6 inches of snow and then 2 inches of snow of ice the past 2 days. I did not mind the snow. It was the ice!! of course the boys had a ball playing in it!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures

    Mommy to Jack and Palmer

  7. I love the picture where Mia is looking up at Ethan while he is reciting - she's smitten!

    Also love your green grass; it's beautiful!

  8. Oh I want your warm weather. I used to live in So Cal, but I forget how nice the weather can be in the winter. I love Owen's personality. Mia looks darling, LOVE the outfit!!

  9. I can't wait for warmer weather. It looks like you guys put the nice weather to good use. Your kiddos are adorable!

  10. I am dreaming of weather as beautiful as yours!

    Your Mia is gorgeous and looks like such a happy baby!

  11. Christy,
    I just love all the photo's of
    your family!!!! Mia is getting
    so big. Allie was weighed today
    and she is weighing 21-lbs I was
    in shock!!! Allie wearing a 5 to
    5-1/2 shoe!!! I would be curious
    what percentile Mia is in height?
    I am going to be looking down at
    Allie!!! She is getting so tall!!

    Look forward to more photo's
    have a great weekend!!!

    Sindy & Allie

  12. I love the pictures. Miss Mia sure is beautiful! I love the way you dress her. The weather looks wonderful! It was minus 11 the other night in ND (where my in-laws live, brrrrrrrrr!!!), we are happy to be home!!

  13. I love all the pics. Mia is so pretty in that outfit, the colors are beautiful on her.
    We had some nice weather mixed with extra cold weather this week, it was a very wierd week.

  14. CRAZY! I drove home tonight in a blizzard! So, what better to do than curl up on the couch and check in on some of my favorite bloggers. :) Looks like Mia is doing great! How FUN that you were able to host Judy and her son too. Sounds like you had a great time.