Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gotta Love The Paci

We were at Target the other day and Mia pulled this doll into the cart. She pulls things into the cart all the time and I am constantly having to take the items out and I have actually "stole" items when I didn't see them below all our stuff (don't worry-- I always take the items back-- in fact the same guy at Target always seems to be the one watching the front door when I have to return stolen items. Last time when he saw me walking back in he asked me "so what did you steal this time?"-- Bird Walk-- back to the story) So, Mia pulled this doll into the cart. Owen all of a sudden says "mom look at Mia". I turn around and she has taken the paci out of the babies mouth and is now sucking on the little baby paci. Owen and I were cracking up but Mia just sat there like nothing was wrong sucking on the paci.

It was all fun and games until we had to take the baby and the paci away from Mia. She was not very happy and decided to throw quite the tantrum. Oh well-- it was really funny!!

We are off to Dumont again this weekend. We will be back Sunday night and then Monday we have Mia's California Re-Adoption Court date. That is where we basically stand in front of a judge and he makes the re-adoption final. We get to take pictures and we will get her California birth certificate with our names as parents. I am really excited about this final step of the adoption process. Besides her passport which we will apply for ASAP, we have everything-- CA birth certificate (on Monday), social security number and I think that is it. Monday night we are going to a Ducks game with Heather, Brian and kids so it should make for a lot of fun pictures.

So, look for lots of fun pics ASAP. Have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Oh that is too cute! My boys LOVE their paci's!! They for some reason call them "goo-goo's" we never called them that ( before they started it). Once they started talking they started refering to Paci's as them and that is what we call them now. Twin language is very odd!!!

    Have a safe trip and have lots of fun!


  2. How funny!!! My kids grab at everything too. After a while I'm like...COME ON!!! Keep your hands off the stuff!!! I've got 4 hands and arms to hold back and it is just a little exhausting. BUT....Mia is SO cute with that paci in her mouth!!! She's just plain cute no matter what she's doing!!! Have a wonderful weekend! Sounds like it's a big one!!! We can't wait to see pictures!!

  3. Have fun at Dumont! We're off to Big Sur...

  4. Too funny. You should have just bought her that doll, heh heh heh.


  5. When we did Spicy Girl's "readoption" we celebrated at Fudrucker's with hot dogs and milkshakes. We decided since we celebrate all the Chinese festivals with Chinese food, we'd celebrate the Texas birth certificate with good 'ole American food.

  6. Can't wait to see the pics! Too cute with the paci. My boys loved theirs (for years!).

    I know you will be so glad to have every step done. It seems never-ending. I'm glad to see someone finally "finish".

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh this is a cute story and the pics are priceless - she is a gem that little one!

    Congrats on your readoption - our paperwork is in and we are awaiting our date - yippee!! Have a great weekend and a wonderful Monday.

    Thanks for always sharing the stuff that brings a smile!


  8. YEAH!!!
    So many fun things are happening for you guys in the next few days...
    Can't wait to see the pictures..
    Finally you are almost done with all the paperwork stuff... Very joyful day..
    Have a Great Weekend..
    Love the paci...

  9. Cute! Cute! I remember our "thieving" days :) Good times!!! Hope you're having a fun weekend - can't wait to see pics from Mia's re-adoption!!

  10. So exciting to see Mia's readoption is Monday. I can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. Funny story! The little jailbird! Congrats on the re-adoption, can't wait to see the photos.

  12. Congrats on the re-adoption. We cannot do that until Kate has been home at least a year (VA law).

    Cute paci pictures!