Friday, February 22, 2008

Mia's First Hair Cut!!!!

Mia's hair has needed a cut for quite some time but I have been hesitant because I want it to grow long. I know most people say that you need to cut it in order for it to grow long but I never believe that. Well, today I was just done with her hair and we were in a parking lot with one of those kid cut type places so I decided to DO IT!!!! So, here are the pics.

This is the official BEFORE:


The Before Collage:


The cut part of the event was very interesting. I am sure there must be some crazy stray cuts somewhere on her hair because she would not sit still. She was all over the place!! I blew bubbles to try to keep her in one place and that worked for about 2.5 seconds and then she continued to wiggle. With all the wiggles and fussing, the nice lady somehow managed to cut Mia's hair into a cute semi-bob style.

The Cut Collage:


This is the after collage but Mia was not in the mood to smile and look cute. She was quite DONE!!! The cut is really cute. All they did was clean it up and it is starting to look more like a bob. I want to grow her bangs long and eventually have her hair all one length so we have a way to go but this is cute for now.

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  1. Mia did real good!!! Her hair looks
    real cute. I didn't realize her
    hair was so long!!! Let me know
    how your wrist is doing? Ava's
    Mom was on my blog and she said
    that she had the same thing with
    her wrist!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. It looks cute! My son has had his hair cut every 3-4 weeks since he was a month old. He is still a wiggle puss and he is almost 4!

  3. LOVE Mia's haircut....
    She did so well...
    Love the little cute car she sat in...
    Have a Great Weekend..

  4. OH!!! It looks SO cute!!! I was the same way about Sadie's hair...but after I got it cut...I felt so much better!! I can't stand the scraggly stuff. I want to grow Sadie's all one length too. Gotta keep those bangs out of the way for the time being!!! Anyway, thanks for sharing. It looks like Mia did an amazing job!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Mia did great! And she looks so cute! I'll be glad when Olivia's hair grows long too.


  6. CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Love the smile!

  7. I cut Caroline's hair just a few days ago too. I took off 5 inches! It looks so cute though and it is still just past her shoulders. I took off a lot of damaged hair and her haid looks healthier.


  8. Cute pictures! Mia's new haircut is just adorable on her. Kamree is headed to the spa for the first time next weekend. I can't wait!

  9. The boys are the same way! They will not sit still for a haircut! And it is so bad for the second kid because they just watched what the first kid went through! I dread hair cutting day! However that said MIA looks so cute!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!!

    Also I loved your Disney pictures! I miss Disney so much. When we lived in Florida we used to make weekly trips to Disney and since moving to Kentucky 2 years ago we have only been back once. I have never been to Disneyland in Ca where you post the pictures of but some day I look forward to going.

    Mommy to Jack and Palmer 2.5 years 05/31/2005

  10. oh even though she isn't happy in the last one I can tell it looks neater and cuute cuute.:)

  11. Oh, I didn't think it was possible for your little Mia to get any cuter but she is simply delicious!

  12. Oh, I love her haircut!!! So cute!

  13. Christy,
    Her 'do is so cute!! I love it. I felt the same way---apprehensive about cutting their precious hair. But it looks so great afterwards! Although, I'm pretty sure Miss Mia looks cute in just about anything, with or without her hair done...she's just a doll!

  14. She did so good! And the cut is adorable - like it could be anything else on Mia!! Sweetie!