Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tomorrow? The Next Day? When????

So, there are rumors out there that are saying referrals may be in the mail and that we may get them as early as Monday or Tuesday. WE know a package left CCAA on Friday and that it is heading for the US. Inside the package there may be referrals or there may be Travel Approvals - TA's (TA's are when you are approved to travel to China to pick up your child. You get your TA after you get your referral). The one agency that is expecting the package says it looks like it is a package that contains referrals, but we will just not know until it arrives on Monday. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if it were referrals, but my best guess is that it is TA's. We will know soon.

So, if it is referrals heading to the US then we should have our referral on Monday or Tuesday. I hope it is Tuesday as it is my birthday and that would be an AMAZING birthday present. If it is referrals then we should get the call on Monday or Tuesday and we will head to our agency in Fullerton (about 40 minutes from our house) and we will get the information on Mia. It will include pictures, a medical and developmental profile and some more cool stuff. At that point we will know who Mia is and we will be able to sign our acceptance letter (where we say to CCAA that we will take Mia and they then will prepare our TA). Once CCAA gets our acceptance letter they will send out our travel approval (TA) and once we get that back from CCAA (usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks) then we can get our consulate appointment (CA) and we will solidify our travel plans. From referral to travel is usually 4 to 6 weeks.

My thoughts are that we will get our referrals this week or next at the latest and that we will travel the last week of April and the first week in May. We have to be in China for 2 weeks and we will unfortunately run into the Trade Fair in China during late April, therefore, we will have to wait to go to the city where the US consulate is until after the trade fair. I'm totally cool with that time line but I will totally be open to going sooner if we can. Kevin will be on crutches most likely whenever we travel, so the earlier the better.

So, what if the package is not referrals? The same scenario will take place as listed above just a week or so later. I PRAY referrals are in the mail but we have waited a LONG time and another week wont kill us.

Here is a little fluff. The boys had Pajama Day on Friday so here is a picture of that. Below that is Ethan at a Cub Scout Function. His pack did the flag thing do I took some pictures. Enjoy and I will let you know as soon as we know who Mia is.

Pajama Day (Cousin Kaitlyn, Cousin Kylie, Ethan, Friend Jake and Owen)

Cub Scout Troop

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