Monday, March 5, 2007


It is all over all the blogs that TODAY IS THE DAY!!! There are official reports that referrals have landed and that US agencies have referrals in hand. The official cut off date is 10-24-05 so obviously we are in (which we already knew) but it is official!!!

I have held myself back and not got too excited but today I am going CRAZY!!! I cant stop screaming and jumping up and down. I cant believe today is the day!! We will get to see Mia's face for the first time TODAY (unless some crazy thing happened)!!!!

OK, I must calm down. Our China Coordinator usually gets her DHL package by noon so we should hear sometime after that. I will keep you all posted and I will post her picture and info on this site!!!

My head is spinning. I cant believe today is the day!!!!!



  1. Christy,

    I am crazily waiting here to hear some news form y'all. I checked RQ, Yahoo and now this and nothing. I hope you are too busy dancing and jumping for joy to post. But I am dying to know about your daughter!!!!

  2. Oh Christy
    I've just read your post on RQ about your referral not arriving. Be strong, know that others in cyberspace are supporting you - it will happen.
    With love from Wales,

  3. Christy so sorry your referral was skipped! I really hope it is all resolved quickly, I am sure it will be! I can't imagine what you are going through! My thoughts are with you! Samantha F. LID 10/28/05