Monday, March 5, 2012

Trying to find easier ways to post

Ok, since I turn 40 tomorrow I must blame my lack of posting on me being old and unable to handle the multitude of things I have going on in my life. So, in an effort to streamline into my 40's, I am attempting to find easy ways to post on my blog.

Here is the problem. I am not as with it as I use to be and I forget my camera most of the time. Secondly, if I do have my camera, the pictures sit on the SD card forever because I am too lazy in the little bit of downtime that I have to actually download the pictures and then post. So, what do I end up doing??? I simply take pictures with my cell phone and then immediately post them to my facebook. Then, in an attempt to be as lazy as possible, I then save the facebook pic on my computer and then upload them to my blog for a post. Sadly, I cant even get around to doing that very often. So, I am trying to see if I can directly post videos from my phone to my blog via email. I took a few little videos the other day and I tried uploading them just now from my phone via email and it looks like it worked. I think the downside to posting from my phone via email is 1- the quality is very poor but we all know I'm not going to get around to posting nice pics so poor quality is better than no pictures at all. And 2- you can only post one picture or video per post (unless any of you  know how to do more than one and if so, please let me know). I will try to post from my phone and we will see what happens but just understand that one post may actually take up the space of 4 or 5 posts.

Below you will see the little videos I took of the kids playing the other day. I will try to experiment with this more today and maybe I can post more videos later.

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  1. Welcome to the "40 Club!" I joined last year!

    Pretty please send me a Facebook request! I want to see pictures and video! HA HA!