Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Updates from Haiti!!!

I have 2 days of Haiti updates. For some reason the way kev uploaded the pics did not work so I was unable to get them off the email but was able to on a different computer this morning. So here are the updates:

We had a hard work day today. More filling walls with rubble. We went back to the house we filled on Friday and they were already putting on the crepisage (stucco) coat on. The first three pics are of the house we were working on today. I met the father of the family that will be moving in once it is done and he was very appreciative. There will be a total of nine people living in the approximately 18x12' house. After we were done working, we took a little walking tour. We visited the school and I had my camera this time so I snapped a few pics in the courtyard. It looks very nice and big. We saw the water purification system the other team is installing at the school. It should be done tomorrow. I'm going to try and slide over there and catch the training so I can see how it works. It sounds really interesting. It uses a similiar system to a saltwater swimming pool to generate chlorine to sanitize the water. I will find out more tomorrow if I see it in action. Their whole team is very friendly and I have enjoyed spending time getting to know them. There may even be a potential water project partnership forming out of this trip (fingers crossed). We stopped by Moises house and saw the first rubble house. They have changed it a bit with a new roof so from the outside it looks like all the others. As we were walking back passing the CBF staff house, the security guy stopped us and asked if we wanted some mangoes (Ummmm yes please) He climbed up the tree barefoot and shook the large tree they have out front and about ten or so fell out. We took them with us and ate them back at our place (yummy). I think by now we have told enough different people here that we want to go to the open air market on Wednesday morning that it may actually happen. We shall see so stay tuned for some potentially interesting pictures and stories.

Ernst on the wall

The school we were building back when I traveled to HAiti in 2010. Wow does it look different.

It looks huge!! That right there was where we are meals and the clinic was on the far end of the right side.


We started another house today. This time the foundation was completed so we put up the wall cages we built on Staurday and filled about 1/3 of the walls with rubble. The house is a row back from the street where the rubble was piled so it will take us a little longer to complete this one. We met the lady who will be occupying the house once completed. It is being built where her old house was located before being destroyed in the earthquake. She bakes bread to make a living and she allowed us to come inside her "bakery" which is next door. It was quite interesting to see. It is a wood burning rock and brick masonry oven. By the wear and build up of soot on the beams and roof you can tell this bakery has been in operation for many many years. Probably a few generations. Today was not a baking day but tomorrow is Wednesday so she will be baking bread for the market. She told us she would bake us some too. I think we will be back at the same site tomorrow so I will try and get more information on the family. Ernst took Ethan and I to the soccer field after work and they played a few matches with some of the local kids. Most of them were friendly and very excited to play with a blan (white foreigner) kid. You should be able to tell which one is Ethan in the pictures :).

The bakery-- wow!! That is not what I would expect-- amazing what they can do!

Look at the roller

The oven

Starting the new house

Working hard

Love the soccer. They play soooo hard!!!

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