Friday, March 9, 2012

Our relaxing Fridays- The Chronicle of our day!!!

The girls and i both have Fridays off and we have a bit of a tradition. We wake up late (they wake up early and watch tv do mom can get a few extra minutes of sleep--thanks girls) and go downstairs and have breakfast (and I drink a pot of coffee- I know it's bad but I gotta wake up somehow). They play around the house and at about 11am we start I'm crafts. They usually draw like crazy and make some tape and paper thing. We then get ready and go to pho- Vietnamese noodle soup. It is sooooooo yummy and the girls and I love it. Plus it is $6 out the door for soup big enough to serve all 3 of us plus have left overs. We usually go to a park Or our local outdoor mall that has an outdoor food court/ play area. We usually chill there for over an hour till its time to pick up the boys. We pick them up an come home and will then bake something special- cake, cupcakes or cookies. Friday nights are usually out family nights where we make homemade pizza or something like that do our baking is our dessert- which we rarely have dessert so it's kinda fun!!!

It's a fun day we look forward to each week. Ya we mix it up here and there but in general, our day goes just like I mentioned.
So, because I now can post to my blog straight from my phone, I'm going to chronicle our lazy Friday. This first post (remember I can only post one pic or video from my phone per post so it will be lot of posts- sorry) is if "craft time". Next comes pho. I'll post soon.

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  1. Hi Christy! Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day with your 2 cutie pies! Any LOA news?