Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Haiti Update

Another update from Kevin: 

 We had a good relaxing day. We went to church this morning. Obviously cant understand much of anything but I was actually able to follow along with what was going on in the service. That and the fact that it wasn't blistering hot made a huge difference. After churck, we talked to many old friends and Mike gave us a quick tour of the newly completed school. We went back to the house ate lunch and then off to the beach in a tap-tap. We had a relaxing and refreshing time sitting on the beach, eating lobster and fried plantains with picklese (yummy). Maxie walked down and met us after his English class. He and Ethan threw the football around for a while and swam a bit. We are currently hanging out at the CI house. A small group from Canada came in and are preparing to do several water purification projects in the area. We have enjoyed getting tokbnow them. Ethan spent most of dinner talkiung hockey with two of the guys. Some of the pics are of the team building wall baskets and also hanging in the street in front of the house.
Some of our team building the wire basket walls for the rubble house

Ethan working hard

Maxis, Ethan and Ernst-- I love them all!!! When Ernst emails or facebooks me he calls me mom and I would have taken Maxi home if we could have when we were there. Maxi is about Ethan's age and if you look back to when I was there we were so impressed with him that we decided to support him through school. He has turned into an amazing man and both Ernst and Maxis are fluent in English. They are both amazing!!!

Not sure what they are doing here but Ernst and Ethan are up to something...

I have no idea what happened to the following pictures. I tried to save them from the email in different formats but they came out fuzzy no matter what I did but I guess you get the idea. 

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