Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Emery Update!!!!

We are so thrilled to have gotten an update last night for Emery. The orphanage that she is a part of rarely gives updates but they got a new director several months ago and some people are actually getting updates when they request them. They NEVER - and have never- given updated pictures but typically they will answer some questions if you ask.

It sounds like Emery is doing AWESOME!!! Her measurements seem a little off but they always are in China since they weigh them in clothes and the length measurement is almost always off significantly-- BUT, she is growing like a weed and, according to the answers that were provided, she seems very healthy. She just turned 9 months a few days ago so the questions I asked were directly related to where she should be developmentally at 9 months old and it appears she is doing EVERYTHING she should be doing and more!!! I am so happy!! The cool part about where Emery is from is that the orphanage has these "foster villages" that the healthy kids are sent to until they are adopted and the kids get EXCELLENT care and are typically developmentally on track when their parents finally get to china to adopt them. A friend of mine is in Kunming right now adopting their adorable daughter Emma who is 6 months older than Emery and was in the foster village as well. This little baby is beautiful and happy and totally developmentally on track in every way. She is smart and learns quickly and is very well adjusted. Her mom Christy has told me that it is clear her care in the foster home was very good and that she was obviously loved-- ohhhh-- that does this mama's heart good :) You can follow their journey here. We will pretty much follow in their exact footsteps in about 5 months!!!

Anyway, here are the questions and answers. All good news to me!!!

1. What are Long Jia Yu’s updated measurements (weight, length, head and chest)?

• Weight:8kg (17 pounds- 25%ile) ;Height:71cm (27 inches- 61%ile) ;Head Measurement:42cm (16.5 inches- 5%ile); Chest Measurement:44cm

2. Has her heart murmur caused any illness?

• No, it has not.

3. Has she been ill or had any physical problems?

• No, she has not.

4. Is Long JiaYu in the orphanage or in foster care?

• She lives in the foster family

5. Is she babbling and saying such things as “baba” or “mama”?

• She starts babbling sounds, occasionally can sound "mom"

6. Can she sit by herself?

• She can sit herself around 10 min.

7. Can she pull herself up into the standing position?

• She can stand up by holding the bed rails.

8. Can she use her finger and thumb to pick up small objects such as noodles to feed herself?

• She can exchange thing by using both of her hands. She can pick up the corn kernels, but don't know put to her mouth.

9. What does she like to play with? Will she search for an object that has been removed during play? (will she search for a ball if it is placed behind a caretakers back)

• She likes the toys that have bright color and can make sound. If her toy disappeared, she will look for them.

10. Who is she close to or enjoys playing with?

• She closes to her foster father, and like to go out with him.

Looks like Emery might follow in her older sister Finley's steps of having a super strong bond to her daddy. Hmmm...


  1. Cograts on the update.. sounds like she is doing well.
    can't wait to see her in your arms.

  2. What a true blessing to have this update... a bummer you didn't get photos, but a blessing to know she is doing well. Sounds like she is right on track to me!!

  3. Hi Christy,
    We are traveling looks like March sometime to get our sweet Mia. they say she is 20lbs and 27 inches tall. You said the height measurements are off usually. Are they usually taller or shorter than they say. I am trying to get clothes and put aside things form packing. Thanks in Advance