Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bad Blogger Award!!!!

I WIN!!! Yes, I win!!!!

I'm so sorry I have been gone for over a week  but life has been busy and not so busy. I was asked a while back to speak at our woman's ministry quarterly breakfast which just happens to be this weekend so that has kept all of my free time busy- writing my 45 min talk-- practicing-- and practicing more! I am crazy nervous about speaking in front of the 120+ woman for 45 min but I know once I get up there things will just flow and I should be very well practiced so I'm praying things go smooth. The talk is about our story and about what we have gone through in the last several years. When you write it all down it hits you how much we have gone through-- good and bad. I think the uniting theme is following Gods leading in our lives and having faith that the the trials that you are going through are blessings in disguise and when you can get down the road a bit you can look back and see God's leading and how the trials were a part of His perfect plan! I would love prayer for this weekend and my presentation. I'm crazy nervous but excited at the same time!

We have also had some wonderfully lazy days around here as well. Last Saturday Kev and Owen went to the men's breakfast at our church and the girls, Ethan and I just were hanging out. Ethan usually has games in Anaheim on Saturdays but it was a holiday weekend so there was no game. So, we sat on the couch in our PJ's and watched A Christmas Carol and did nothing. Kev and Owen arrived home from the breakfast and joined us on the couch and the laziness turned into another movie. The girls were in and out playing with dolls and barbies and coloring but generally we were just laying on the couch watching another movie. Then that movie ended and we started another and then another and another. Literally it was 5pm and we had just finished our 5th movie for the day and Ethan, Finley, Mia and I were still in our PJ's and our whole family was chilling on the couch. It was a WONDERFULLY LAZY day. Those days don't happen often but when they do they are always greatly enjoyed by everyone!!! My parents called at 5pm and offered to babysit all the kids so we could go to dinner by ourselves so we left the kids in their PJ's, I got dressed and we dropped the kids at my parents and Kev and I went to Sushi with our certificates. It was a perfect day-- wish we could have more exactly like it!!!

Other than that, we are just living. The computer I am typing on is going to crash very soon. The memory is gone and I cant even download a picture so I am sorry for no photos but I will take some of the girls today and try to post tomorrow on a different computer.

Hope all is well with everyone in blogger land!!


  1. you are good. you deserve relaxing time.. and as for bad blogger award.. I think I am first.. UGH.. got to get on the ball. .
    love ya and miss you tons

  2. I have stumbled across you blog and read about your beautiful family! Your kids are darling. I love reading other's journey's to China. You newest addition is precious and soooo little! Blessings!

  3. Not a bad blogger at all!!! Busy mom and wife and that's what's important.

    Hope your speech went well...I'm sure it did!