Thursday, September 22, 2011

This and That

Busy home here. Lots going on but things are good. First off many have asked how I am doing with the Dave Ramsey budget-- GREAT!!! I never knew I had so much self control! I am spending hardly anything and we are paying off debt which I am thrilled by. Kev and I both are totally committed so having both of us on board really helps. We are happy as can be about our new lifestyle. Best part is Dave will be in Long Beach (about 50 min from our house) on Saturday and we wanted to see him but didn't want to spend the $39 for the tickets. Well, good thing we didn't because some friends from church bought extra tickets and offered them to Kev and I. Of course I am going and we are so appreciative but Kev has to take Ethan to hockey in Anaheim so I invited my friend Kim so both of us will be going to see Dave Ramsey on Saturday-- yaaaa!!!! Thanks John and Annika!!!!

A wonderful Junior High worker at Church requested me to be her friend on Facebook and as soon as I accepted, she tagged me with a ton of Jr. High pictures of the boys. These are mostly from Surf Camp this past July but I love them and think they are great pictures-- Thanks Melody!!!!

Ethan and his 2 best pals at Church- Andrew and Ben-- Andrew's mom and I were in the same kindergarten class -- too funny!!!


Owen Surfing


My long hair boy-- its been cut since


Being a crazy Jr.Higher-- the boys love our Jr.High department and are very involved. I love that they love it so much as I was very involved in the same youth group at the same church when I was a kid-- Kev and I met in the high school youth group at our church when we were 16-- wow!!!


Finley was not feeling well a couple of days ago so we rested together in our bed. I took this pitiful picture-- poor thing
A little better

Well, Ethan had his first Hockey team and my pictures were pitiful but Ethan is one of the only 8th graders on the high school team and he was honored as being named ASSISTANT CAPTAIN for his team!!!!! I was so proud of him. He always gives 110% and is a big time leader and encourager to the other players. I was very proud of him to be named assistant  as an 8th grader-- very proud of him!!!!

The defensive coach giving him tips before the game. They lost their first game but gave the other team a run for their money. They played the league champs from last year so they are considered the best team and our boys did great against them!!

We were at a BBQ the other day and got this cute picture of the girls eating their drumsticks. Yes my girls look like rug rats but they had fun!!

And finally another picture my friend took of Fin and I the other day at a party at their house. We did the cute little pig tails on Finley and I thought they looked cute-- plus, this is a picture with me in it which is a RARE event so in the interest of attempting to show there is a mom in the family, I thought I would include this picture-- lol!!!!

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  1. Finley does wear pigtails pretty stinkin' cute! Sorry she was feeling icky!

    Love that you are seeing Ramsey in person! Woo hoo!, financial peace!