Friday, September 16, 2011

Horrible Test and Hockey

First we will talk about the horrible test~ uggggg!!~

Many of you who are familiar with Spina Bifida will know about the X-Ray that must be done on the urinary tract in an effort to see if the bladder is having reflux into the kidneys (or something like that). When we were at SB clinic last time the Urologist thought it would be a good idea to have this test (CMG) done just to get a baseline. It was not 100% necessary because she does not show any symptoms of there being a problem, but they wanted to do the test as a baseline.

So we unknowingly went to her "X-Ray" today never giving it a thought of how they would do this xray. We got to the pediatric X-ray area and they gave me a little brochure on the procedure. Holy cow- after reading that I was ready to load Finley up and get out of there. It was horrible. First they strap the child down on the table then clean the area and place a catheter into the urethra and then fill the bladder full of fluid and then the child has to pee all the liquid out into a diaper laying flat on the table all the while them snapping x-ray after x-ray. Oh my goodness I was freaking out but I thought maybe Finley would handle it well.

That was a great thought but we were not so lucky. It was horrible. We walk into the room and she sees the massive table and she starts clinging to me and crying. I strip her down and put on a little robe thing and the whole time she is screaming. I then have to lay her on this little board that rotates meanwhile she is screaming begging me to stop and they then proceed to place a number of straps on her to hold her down. Thank GOD I was still able to hold her hands and talk to her. They then clean down there and begin to insert the catheter which hurts and is very uncomfortable. She is just screaming and at that point had been screaming for 15+ minutes. They get the cath in and start filling the bladder which feels strange to her and she continues to cry. They finally fill it all the way and tell me she can now void. This part scared me because they said some kids take an hour to let the pee out and most take from 30 to 45 minutes. I could not imagine 45 min of being strapped to a table until she finally pees. I told Finley that she can pee now and as soon as she is done we get to leave and go home. She said in her whimper voice "ok mommy" and she let it go. She was 100% voided in 1 min and they were shocked and impressed! They said they had never seen a kid pee out so quick-- man did she want to leave!!! So they took a few more pictures and then we were done.

It was a horrible experience and yes the workers were very nice and sweet and said most kids scream the whole time but it was still a horrendous experience. Finley was a trooper but again-- not fun. This was a good test to have done and the radiologist said everything looked perfect with no kidney reflux or anything so that was awesome news but I am happy to have this out of the way and hopefully we wont have to have another CMG for a really long time!!

The following pictures are of my little climbing monkey.

She is in midair on this picture. She loved it!!!!

She is such a climber

Ethan's high school (and 8th graders too) hockey team has it's first game on Saturday. They got their jerseys last night and since the team is a combo of 2 schools- Bishop Amat and Upland Christian Academy- they have 2 jerseys. Unfortunately, I got to the jersey ceremony too late to get the whole team in their Upland Christian Academy Jerseys (that's the school the boys go to) but I was able to get the Bishop Amat pictures.
Messing around with his pals

I hate the serious faces-- come on guys... smile!!!!
And the whole team

Good luck tomorrow team!!!!!


  1. Oh Christy, that test is horrible. My older 3 children had to have it done because my oldest did have reflux, it was horrible, and we were not dealing with adoption trust issues! I feel so sorry for you both. So glad she gave it up quickly, my youngest lay there for the longest time uuuuggggg!!! Praying her results are perfect!!!

  2. Oh bless her heart and yours. It's awful when you have to take them to do something hurtful in order to help them be okay. Thankfully all the testing we've had to have done on Lauren has come back so great it is amazing especially given her poor health history and all the issues of bladder and kidney problems she's had since birth. Will pray for Fenley, hate to see her have to go through all this.

  3. Oh no...we also have been through it with our bio son when he was 3. He had urinary tract infections often so they wanted to make sure things were working okay. I can still remember his screaming:( I was very upset because they were trying to insert an adult size catheter which was not going to work on a child that age but they kept trying until one nurse suggested a smaller one...I really feel for both you and Finley!


  4. Oh - the poor thing..why don't they sedate them?/ That seems awfully cruel to me :( So glad that is behind you - and that everything is OK!

    Girls look wonderful - would love to catch up my friend!!

  5. poor, sweet Finley!! cant believe you werent warned about that!

    Love the tough Hockey boys :) So sad to hear about the plan crash...

    Thanks for your honest update on Ramsey. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear you being so positive, even with kevin's retirement! You guys are an amazing family!