Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~My Scary Little Girls~

I took these pictures with my cell phone yesterday. I think they are so funny. The girls and their next door neighbor pal Lily were in the boy dress up clothes and having way too much fun. I was in my bedroom folding laundry and the girls kept coming through the bedroom door and trying to scare me. They were cracking me up so I took these cute pics. Finley is a scary black robe person-- Mia is a camo scary person and Lily is clearly a skeleton.

We are so lucky to have Lily living next door. She is a sweet little girl who is right between Mia and Finley's age. Her parents are wonderful and my girls are over at Lily's house all the time. Lily also has a little sister, Sophie, who is about 18 months so I am sure she is going to get involved in the play mix sometime soon :)

Full body shot-- too cute!!!

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  1. That's some adorableness! I love when kids let their imagination just run away!