Sunday, October 31, 2010

Piano Lessons and Another Care Package

Mia is taking piano lessons through our Fine Arts Academy through our Church Pomona First Baptist. It is an amazing program that runs 8 week sessions (1.5 hours each session-- first half music theory and second half lesson) 3 times a year in a group setting but the best part is this program is offered for FREE!!!!! It has a huge community draw and we have well into 150 students attending. It is a phenomenal program that our whole family is enjoying. Kevin and Ethan are taking guitar, Owen is taking Bass Guitar and Mia and I are doing piano. Last week I snapped some pictures of Mia practicing. She is by far the youngest student in the program and our director was totally fine with her participating as long as I was with her the whole time. We play outside for the music theory part but she just loves the hands on lesson. She is really good and totally has her fingering down and is able to play easy little songs.

She is really good!!! The focus and concentration is amazing for a little one.

Practicing Mary Had a Little Lamb

I'm so thankful we have such a wonderful program through our church!!!

As many of you have read, we received our LOA for Finley last week. We got our I800 sent off and it officially arrived at the lock box in Texas last Thursday. We also got our visa applications given to our amazing China coordinator Sabrina as well as some other papers. We decided to send another care package to Finley and Sabrina took care of the shipping and translation.

Here is what we sent:

I know it is cheesy, but this is a little bag I found in Mia's room made of plastic so I taped pictures of our family and Finley to the bag with just clear tape. Totally done cheap but cute and I think she will like having her own little bag (even if it is covered in taped on pictures).

I also sent a dress and leggings, a bunch of hair clips, a soft book she can carry around and do activities in and another adoption book. This will probably be the last care package we can send before we get her so I wanted to give her some things she will really like. I hope she does.
So we are about 2 to 2.5 months from getting our girl. I just want to leave now!!!!!! We love her so much it hurts!!!

Have a great week!


  1. I think FInley will love the bag :) She will love to fill it with her little things! Looks like you will be in China for the New Year? FUN!!

  2. I love the little bag and I'm certain Finley will too! Such a sweet little dress you chose too. This waiting is tough, but we can do it!!

  3. I am so excited for you guys. I wish we had free piano lessons nearby. I want G to take them too. I would love to also.

  4. Finley will love her bag and all the goodies you're sending! That is so cool that the church is doing this for the community. It's an amazing concept that can have huge impact in schools where music has been removed...if there is enough outcry for programs like that, there is a will to get it back.

  5. Love the little bag and she will LOVE IT..
    can't wait to see her with you guys..
    I miss you sooo much.. one day we will have to catch up..

  6. All little girls love bags of their own. Great package!