Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Mia!!!

Mia celebrated her 4th birthday with a small tea put on by a friend from Church who does this on the side. She did an amazing job with the tea and had the 10 girls in the palm of her hand the whole time. I was amazed-- she was so organized and made the food and cupcakes and brought everything. I literally just had some food for the parents. It was a great party and Mia had a blast!!!

Monique putting "pixie dust" on the girls eyes

The food table

The tea table

Pixie dust on Mia's eyes. You could have heard a pin drop

Then she individually dressed each girl-- it was amazingly cute

Mia all dressed up

Watching the others get dressed in their princess dresses

Beautiful Ava

Too cute

The whole group all dressed up ready for their tea party

Monique made me pose with the girls

Then they had a princess fashion show where they had boas, wands and all the princess stuff

So pretty!!

Ava after her walk down the stairs

And Mia modeling her princess outfit

So cute

Georgie and Mia-- our beautiful Chinese princesses

Starting the tea party

Beautiful Ava

Beautiful Georgie

The girls had a lesson on tea etiquette

Drinking their tea in the eloquent way they were taught

Pretty Birthday girl!!!!

Mom and dad with the beautiful birthday princess

Singing happy birthday! The cupcakes were amazing!!


Opening the wonderful gifts!

People were so generous and Mia loved her gifts

Love the dolls!!!

It was a wonderful party and Mia had a great 4th birthday party!!!!


  1. That was a birthday party that little girls dream of. Everything is beautiful! Definitely a special memory.

  2. Christy,
    What a FUN idea, and a party Mia will never forget. Her friends too!!!! I love that your wore pink too!!!!!
    Soon another princess will be upon you!


  3. Happy Birthday Mia!!

    What a wonderful and perfect birthday party! Oh man I can't wait to have birthday parties like that one for miss Jen!!

  4. precious. Happy Birthday. Lawd, look at all that pink!

  5. Happy 4th Birthday Miss MIa..
    Love the party..
    Have a great week..

  6. What a sweet party! Mia is darling and so is Finley. Hoping your I800 approval comes quickly! So hard to wait knowing there is a sweet little one miles away waiting to be in your arms. Hope your paperwork moves quickly to your sweet girl!

  7. Awwww. we are having a Pinkalicious party for Mya's #5!! I am already accumulating pink things and thinking of food & ideas!!!!! We won't have Monique and all those beautiful dress up clothes though :)

    Happy 4th Birthday, Mia!!!!