Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Finley # 3!!!

We could not be more blessed than to have such an amazing communication with the staff at Finley's orphanage. Through our connection with the retired couple who volunteers in her orphanage, we have been able to communicate with their amazing guide Maggie(who will hopefully be our guide as well)and one of the nannies who has been amazingly gracious at getting us updates on Finley. I had asked about a month ago if they would help me get a cake for Finley for her birthday and the nanny, Ms. Wang not only was willing to help but she also made the cake and got Finley a gift. She also was willing to take a ton of pictures of the day and email them to me. I have her direct email so I was able to email her (translated into Chinese) and ask questions and she emailed me a letter back. It was an awesome letter that warmed my heart. She also sent me about 28 photos of the day!! I was and am thrilled!!!! Here are a few of the day:

Our little Angel with her photo book of our family. Ms. Wang said that Finley knows all our names after only reviewing the book 2 time-- our little smarty pants :)

This is Ms. Wang the Nanny. Based on the pictures I think she might have taken Finley home for the holiday. She has a red dot on her forehead which means luck and is placed on foreheads during holidays so I am guessing, based on a few pictures I saw, that she might have taken Finley home-- how sweet!!!

What an amazing woman Ms. Wang is. I feel sooooo blessed she is with Finley!!

It is either the peace sign or she is holding up 3 fingers indicating she is turning 3.

With the pillow we sent holding up her 3 fingers!!!

Getting ready to blow out the candles on her cake. I love how intent she looks!

Chowing down on the cake. The letter from Ms. Wang indicated Finley loves cake-- too cute!!

Hanging with a pal

I love this picture. She looks so sweet like she is taking care of her little friend. Love it!!!

All the boys-- and Finley-- posing for pictures

And a face shot. Too cute.
The letter that Ms. Wang sent is as follows:

Greetings Christy Bock,

I’m Mrs. (teacher ) Wang. We were happy to receive your letter. We are so happy that you are adopting Hao Yi. I am also thankful that she has found a home. With your love and care, I know that you will take very good care of her. I am happy to celebrate Hao Yi’s birthday, it is something that I should do anyway. Please don’t be so gracious.

Today in the yard, we celebrated Hao Yi’s 3rd birthday. The kids were very happy. Hao Yi blew the candles all by herself. Her face was all smiles, especially when she ate her birthday cake. She even thought of the other kids and wanted to share her birthday cake with everyone. The teachers bought her a doll for her birthday present. She loves it, and carries it with her wherever she goes. I took many pictures of her and sent you some for your view. If you received them, then I will send more. The teacher also showed her the album you sent her. She taught her to recognize everyone in the picture. Hao Yi was very happy and after going through the pictures twice, she had memorized who everyone was. If you want to know anything more about Hao Yi, please write us. I will help you.

God bless your whole family.

Teacher Wang

I thought it was very interesting she signed it God Bless your whole family!! I wonder if she is a believer?? Hmmmm...... That would be totally cool!!!
Anyway, I am on cloud 9 with all these updates and pictures. I just want to get to China NOW!!!!!!


  1. What a fabulous letter!! And a fabulous way to celebrated Finley's birthday!! You can tell from the way that Ms. wang & Finely look at each other that they are not strangers!! It is obvious that she cares for Finley, which is the best thing you could hope for right now!

    You are truly blessed to have this connection while you wait - even though I know you can't get on that plane fast enough!! Happy Birthday, baby girl!!

  2. Yay!! How exciting!! She is precious! When do you think you'll be able to travel?

  3. How lucky you are. I've seen a hundred pictures if I've seen a dozen of kids in China holding up two fingers, peace style, in photographs. It must be like saying "cheese" or something.

  4. LOVE IT..
    sooo blessed are you to have all of these amazing connections..
    Hopefully you are there soon..

  5. Christy,
    I am just catching up.. What a blessing!!!!! She is just precious, and she is going to do so great!!!!! I hope you will be able to keep in touch with Ms. Wang forever... She is truly an angel sent by God to watch over your sweet girl!!!!

    Praising God for another China miracle today!