Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blogger Break

I guess to say you are taking a break you really have to be a consistent blog poster-- which I have not been recently--sorry, but I figure I should at least let you know when I'm going to be gone. I'm off for spring break in the school district I work in so I'm doing some fun things with Mia and my Lucky Mommies group. Tomorrow we are having and Easter party and Tuesday we are doing Disneyland and past then, plans are in the works. So, I will have lots of cute pictures to post but wont have time to post until later in the week. Then, after this week off, my boys are on spring break next week so we will be busy doing things that week as well.
So I leave you with some pictures from the last few weeks. Kev and I always do a birthday Vegas trip. Remember last year we flew the helicopter to Vegas and this year we went and stayed at the Wynn. It was amazing!!! We had one dinner at an amazing restaurant in the Wynn called Bartalotta. Fabulous!!!! The following are pictures from that dinner but I'm having issues with my computers and uploading pictures and I have not figured it out yet so the pictures are small and sideways -- sorry. I will work to correct that this week.

My dinner

Kevin eating his fish stew which he thought was phenomenal!!!

Me eating my dinner

And here is Mia at one of our friends Birthday Parties

And another-- so cute!!!
So, that is about it for now and I will attempt to post in a few days. Hope you all are enjoying spring-- it was mid 80's here today!!!