Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess What Mia Gave Up

Yes, it is true. Mia is still on a paci. She is an awesome sleeper and has always been so and I have to attribute her awesome sleep to the use of her paci. Kevin took Mia to the dentist on Monday and the dentist said that it is time to give up the paci as it is starting to affect her bite. We decided that we would do the whole exchange thing and give Mia something desirable and in return she gives us her paci. That evening I took Mia to Target and she picked out a baby doll - see below- and when we got home she gave us the paci and we opened the doll.

The first night without the paci seemed ok. She woke up a few times but went back to bed easily. The next night she did great and didn't wake up at all. Last night was another story. She was up and down maybe 7 times. It was horrible. She would cry and she work Owen up and he started to cry out of desperation because he was so tired. I was at the end of my rope and was ready to shut the door and not go back and I think that was essentially what I did. Honestly, I don't remember what I did in the haze of no sleep and having to sit through a training all day today-- try staying awake as you are being trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis with maybe 3 hours of sleep--not easy. Anyway, I am praying tonight is better-- it must be better!!!!!
So, good job my sweet girl on giving up her vice- and ours too!!!!
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  1. She will do it.. poor baby girl.
    Great job MIA...
    Love it..
    KyLee had her's forever also..
    but she gave it up..
    Miss ya .. .love ya..

  2. You poor thing! I hope each night gets a little easier for all of you!

    Both of our kids still suck their thumbs! I wish we could trade them in for a doll! Instead, Carson got a $500 mouth appliance to wear instead!

    Hang in there :)

  3. Love the new blog header. Mia is such a cutie. Don't give in and let her have her paci back even though sleep deprivation is hitting. She will survive!

  4. Are you KIDDING me??!!!!??? She is three years old and still has a paci??? If she is old enough to walk and talk and sing and dance, she SURE doesn't need a paci!!! OH MY!!!

  5. Oh I hope tonight is better for you guys! I remember when Jacob gave up his, oh it was SO hard!! Well if you're up tonight we should chat or something because I'll sure as heck be up! Hugs to you all!

  6. Yeah for Mia!!!! I remember my 3 year old son throwing his in the garbage - broke my heart :(

  7. Hooray Mia!!! ....lots of kids have a hard time giving them up.....even at 4 and 5! Nick was about that age when he finally gave it up for good!! It was so tough for him. Obviously he didn't walk around with it, but it was his vice at night..... just like a security blanket!

    Hope you have a great week!


  8. Go Mia!! What an accomplishment...Em didn't give up the pacifier til about three also and it was a nighttime gig!

    If you need a refresher in ABA - send me an email :) I spent twelve years in Autistic Support, I can teach it in my sleep! Which is what I am hoping you all will be doing jut fine from here on in...paci or not!

    Praying you are all resting well!

  9. My daughter has that same doll and LOVES it! She feeds it every day and pats it to sleep. What a beautiful girl you have!