Sunday, January 13, 2008

Owen's Student of The Month~ A Visit To Grandma~ Play With Ava

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Owen won STUDENT OF THE MONTH this month-- YAAAA!!! We are very proud of him and he really deserves this award as he has been working very hard. The one picture is of Owen's really good friend Kas and his awesome parent who live in our neighborhood. Kas won Student of the month also.

We were not able to spend Christmas with my grandma Owen (hence my son Owen's name) up in the central valley of California so we decided to take a day trip up to see her on Saturday (approx 3 hours each way so lots of driving in one day). My brother and his family and my sister also came. We spent a few hours with my grandmother and we really enjoyed our time. Grandma is living in a residential home with 4 other elderly people. The home is great with a wonderful couple who lives there taking care of them. It is a great place and my grandma is really happy there. We miss seeing her as she is now wheelchair bound but we try to get up to see her as much as possible. My grandma is an amazing woman of God and is now 91 years old and has lived the past 9 + years on her own (until recently) at the house my grandpa built. My grandpa passed away in October of 1998 and my grandma is a pillar of strength and really leaned on the Lord after she lost grandpa. I tremendously respect and admire my grandmother for all she has been to me!

These pictures are just random pictures of the weekend. On Friday I met Laila, Ava, Tenderly and Cass for lunch and Mia and Ava had a great time playing. They were so cute and just had a blast running around (we sat outside so they could play). There is also a few pictures of Mia with mittens on. While we were on our way home from the Central Valley we stopped by Starbucks and while I was inside getting the goods Kevin put these mittens on Mia. She loved them and wanted to wear them the whole drive. It was so cute to see her fumble with her sippy while attempting to keep the mittens on. Who would have known she likes mittens. I never even tried them on her thinking she would hate them. Maybe it reminds her of her time in China being bundled-- who knows???

This last video is of Mia feeding herself-- kind of. Mia has been carrying around a bowl and a fork for the last few days. I figured tonight I would give her some stuffing (what we were eating for dinner) in a bowl with a spork like thing to see what she would do. She totally appropriately tried to eat with the spork. It was so cute!! She did an OK just but had trouble putting the food on the spork thing. I think with a little more time she will do well but at least this is progress.

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  1. Okay first: Mia feeding herself? Cutest video ever!

    Second: Congratulations to Owen for Student of the Month. What an accomplishment. How proud are you?

  2. Great Job OWEN!!!!
    Looks like you had a WONDERFUL Weekend..
    The pictures of your Grandmother Owen just make me tear up with happiness.. It is sooo GREAT to have your Grandparents.. they are sooo special ...
    and then of course pretty little Mia...
    Love the video.. and the pictures of the two girls are GREAT...
    Love that little plaid outfit... ADORABLE..
    Have a Great Week girly..

  3. Congrats Owen!!! Great job!!!

    Mia is SO adorable. Don't you just LOVE it when they get so independent and start to make messes all over the place!!?!?!?

    Your grandmother is beautiful!! She seems like she has so much life and joy!! I'm sure she is so blessed by your wonderful family! What a special day that was to be able to go and see her!!!

  4. Loved the video of Mia feeding herself...too CUTE!! Looks like you guys had a great weekend. Congratulations to Owen for Student of the Month, you must be so proud. My grandmother passed away a few years ago, we were very close, I'm so happy that you were able to spend time with yours! That is so special!

  5. I may have left this twice.

    WAY to go Owen!!!!

    Way to go Mia on the self feeding. Obviously Mom is doing a wonderful job there:)

    I love the plaid top. I got it and the dress for Kate too. Too cold to wear it here yet:)


  6. Congratulations Owen! THe pictures are all adorable. Richard's grandfather is 90. The time with him is precious. Loved your comment on Rony's blog. I was thinking the same thing. You should go read my comment!

  7. Way to go Owen!!!

    Lovin the feeding video!

  8. Way to go Owen!! What fun pictures. LOVE watching Mia try to feed herself, she has almost got it!!

  9. Congrats to Owen! Mom and Dad must be very proud!

  10. Great job Owen! Mia is adorable trying to feed herself...she is an absolute doll! Glad you were able to spend time with your grandmother... I miss mine.

  11. Christy, You are SOOO good about pics and vids of your kids. You always have such a lively blog to look at---I love it!

    Congrats to Owen---WAy to Go!

  12. Way to go Owen! That is wonderful! Love a weekend full of good times!

  13. Whew! Sucha busy family! Yea Owen and Mia just warms my soul. Thanks for sharing all the fun - your grandmother is just a blessing.

    Have an awesome week!

  14. looks like a wonderful weekend! Love all the pics. I enjoy coming and seeing what you have been up to, seems like you guys are always going somewhere! Mia is at such a fun age...