Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another Great Deal!!!

Well I found another good deal on a cool toy for Mia. I was at Marshals yesterday and was behind a lady in line that was buying this cool kid toy. I saw how much it rang up for-- $14.99-- and asked if there were any others. Sure enough there was one more. I quickly grabbed the last one and am so happy I did. It is such a cool toy. It is all wood and really well made. There is a clock and a shape sorter and a scrolly bead thing and an animal puzzle on top and it is just the cutest thing ever. I love it and even better Mia loves it. She has been playing with it all night. Plus, it was made in England so I probably wont be poisoning my daughter with lead paint-- WAY COOL FOR ONLY $15!!!!!

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  1. Uh, yeah. Cutest. Video. Ever.

    I love her little hug and smile there. So cute.

  2. Hey Christy,
    Mia is getting so big! I have to agree with the great deal. Wow.
    I have been meaning to ask you... how are you making the collages? Is that a picasa feature?
    They look great!
    Heather Norgauer

  3. Wow, what a deal! I love Marshall's. Looks like Mia really likes it!


  4. Wow! That is a great deal, I had registered for one at Target (the Paren't brand) and Myah still loves it!

  5. Too cute, what a great deal! Looks like she really is enjoying it!

  6. Boy did you get a great toy for $15! You are quite the bargain QUEEN!

  7. Anything that occupies a toddler for that long is definitely worth $15!!

  8. You find the coolest things!!!! You go girl!!! Don't you just LOVE Marshalls?!? It's usually the first place I go when I'm looking for something...that, and TJ Maxx. That is a GREAT price for that too!! Mia seems to enjoy it!! Have a wonderful long weekend!

  9. I love how she's chatting away while playing with her fun new toy!

    And by the way, my Yueyang baby isn't a baby anymore...she'll be 7 in March!

  10. Great Buy...
    Love it..
    and it looks like Mia is really loving all those little shapes..
    The wooden animals are adorable..
    Have a Great Weekend..

  11. Oh my gosh!! She is too stinkin' cute!!! Yes, cheap toys are the best!

    I have a daughter from China as well. She just turned 8!!! We also have a son from S. Korea who is 5 almost 6. Enjoy her while she is little. The grow up so fast (which I guess you know from your boys. I bet you blinked and they weren't babies anymore. That is how I feel about my 2!)

    Take care!

  12. wow very good deal! I think all kids love these type toys.

  13. Can you ever get tired of hearing how cute your kids are? Because that is stinkin' ADORABLE!

  14. That IS an awesome toy. I think my boys HAD something similar - of course, I have "pared down" and I am sure that it is no more!! Oh well, something to look forward to when we get our referral!
    p.s. Mia IS getting so big!!

  15. Wow that is a good deal:)
    I do miss little kid toys as we have NONE at our house anymore:(
    Mia is getting so big and the shirts your MIL is making her are ADORABLE!!!

    I did buy the same camera as you and I do love it but I so need to read the box to see how everything works..thanks for emailing me back!! I really appreciate it:)

  16. I love all of her little chatter. It appears that she is loving her new toy! Great find! I love Marshalls!