Friday, January 4, 2008

The Kimberly Dress!!!

OK guys. Any of you who know me knows I love clothes. Not only love clothes but REALLY REALLY love clothes. Not only for me and the boys but mostly for Mia. I found a homemade creations site called Etsy and have been enjoying purchasing things off that site that are homemade and beautiful. Last night while visiting my favorite blogs I stumbled across a adoptive moms sewing site who sews beautiful clothes in order to raise funds to adopt their daughter. I found her site through my friend Kimberly's site and think it is a great thing this mom is doing and wanted to pass the word. Kimberly had this mom create a dress for her secret buddy that met the price guidelines and she did. She kindly named the dress "The Kimberly Dress" and it is so darn cute. I ordered one this morning and cant wait to get it. The prices are very reasonable and the stuff is cute. Take a look at her site at You too will love her stuff.

Here is what I ordered and it is her beautiful daughter who is modeling the dress. Take a look-- way cute!!!

Oh yes, I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Kailee Nicole as her birthday was on Wednesday and we were supposed to go to Disneyland with her but were unable to because of illness. It sounds like Kailee had a wonderful time at her favorite place and we wish we could have been there to celebrate with her. HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL KAILEE!!!

The beautiful Kailee!!!


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  2. Sorry, I goofed my first comment up! Happy Birthday Kailee!

    Christy, you are the best! Thanks so much for posting this. I hope you love your dress, I can't wait until mine arrive.

  3. Christy,

    That dress is So cute. I might need to order one;)
    Happy New year!

  4. Thanks for posting this! I'll check out the site!!! Hope you guys have had a wonderful New Year and looking forward to a great weekend! Our family has just gone through the stomach thing that you guys had through Christmas. YUCK!! I'm so glad it's over!!! Thanks again for the post!!

  5. Oooh! I just saw that dress this morning and I may now just have to order it for Caroline! Toooo cute! Love the fabric too.


  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes for Kailee! It was crazy crowded at Dland. I want to go again soon to make up for it. need to go to my blog...the private one. There are tons of updated pictures, including her official 2 year pics, and videos.

    Let's talk soon...If you emailed or text messaged me, I haven't received them.

  7. Love it! You have to visit my friends store if you love Etsy - here's the link:

    She makes the most ADORABLE tags for diaper bags, purses, gym bags, you name it! They are sooooo cute!

    That dress is adorable!


  8. I think we all need to order those dresses - how cute would a pic with all our girls in those dresses be???

    Happy Birthday Kailee - she is darling!

    Glad you had a blessed Christmas and joyous new year - loved all the highlights!


  9. Happy Birthdayd Kailee!!!!
    She is adorable..
    I am ordering for me and for my Secret Buddy and my Secret Pal...
    I seriously want one of everything..
    Have a Great Day..

  10. Oh what a cute dress... I saw it on her site. I have loved that fabric since I first saw it many months ago. That is the same fabric I used in my quilt square for my daughters 100 good wishes quilt. I made a few toss pillows out of it for her room too. Might have to get that dress.

  11. OK, I think I'm going to go broke! These dresses are sooooo cute. I just can't resist all these adorable clothes you're telling us about.

  12. I am all. over. those dresses. They are GORGEOUS! Once again, getting fashion inspiration from (oh, let's call a spade a spade - downright copying) you! :-)