Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Night~ The Rocketts~ and Dumont for New Years!!

I am so sorry for the delay in posting but we rushed off to Dumont and could not get things posted so, my apologies.

This first set of pictures is of Christmas night. So, as you read from my previous post, we do Christmas morning at home then to Kevin's parents for late breakfast then we come home, start cooking and at about 4:30 head to my parents for a HUGE dinner with all our relatives (Kev's side and mine). It was a blast and while I forgot to take many pictures, here are a few of the "Happy Birthday Jesus" party as well as attempting to get pictures of the three girl cousins in their matching Christmas dresses. It was a great time and we always look forward to Christmas dinner to catch up with all our extended family.

The day after Christmas my dad took the whole family to see THE ROCKETTS at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. It was a really cool Christmas show and it was geared towards the kids with a really cool toy solder presentation. The kids loved it and Mia actually did pretty good (she was feeling a bit better by then) but the boys kept asking when they were going to see the "ROCKETS" launch. They didn't quite get the name but even after detailed explanation that the dancers are called the Rocektts and they do not shoot off rockets-- they still were confused. Seems that for over a month when they knew they were going to this show they thought (not just my boys but my brothers kids too)they were going to see a rocket launch-- too funny!! Lots of explaining on our parts. After the show we went back to my brothers home and Brad made an amazing dinner (he is the head Chef instructor at the Culinary School in Pasadena and is also the wine expert and teaches the wine classes) as he always does. We hung out and enjoyed each other and could not understand why we were having such a great time. All of a sudden someone went to check on the kids and realized THEY ALL HAD FALLEN ASLEEP and that is why we were having a great time-- no interruptions--whoohoo!! It was a great time and a fun end to the Christmas Holiday. Oh ya, and by the way, don't you love the flattering angle these pictures were taken on. I only look like I am going to pop in a few of the pictures instead of all of them-- YUCK!!!

On Friday morning we left for our annual Dumont New Years Trip. It was so much fun this time with WONDERFUL weather. The sun was shinning all day every day and it was really cold. I just love cold clear and sunny weather. We rode a lot and this was not the first time Kevin has gotten back on his quad but he did do a lot of riding this trip. He is really almost 100% repaired and sadly is going to have to go back to work in a few weeks. At this point he has been off for almost 11 months (accident was on 2-11-07) so it has been a treat to have him home but he is healed and ready to go back and get on his WORK MOTORCYCLE. Anyway, Cassie, my sister came with us on this trip. Her birthday is on New Years Eve so my friend Heather made Cassie a cake and we celebrated her birthday on New Years Eve. It was a great trip but I am happy to be home to get back to normal. In the next few days I have to undecorate-- ugg I hate taking down Christmas-- and get things back to normal. Returning to school after Christmas is always tough because i t begins the rest of the year- not many breaks just work work work. I hate to admit is but I so much rather not have the kids in school than in. I love not having the routine and all the stress that comes with school. I love the time off with the fun activities and just relaxing schedule. I guess that says a lot about me-- LAZY-- but I really enjoy the down time. Anyway, I will go for now but I may head to Disneyland tomorrow to meet Karen and Kaylee. I am trying to figure out how I am going to work the details but if I go I should have some cute pictures to post tomorrow!!


  1. I cannot believe the picture of Max asleep on Ethan's lap - that is absolutely hilarious. Love Ms. Mis new wave - she is such a HAM!

  2. Love the pictures...
    Sounds like SOOOOO Much fun...
    Sorry to hear that Kevin has to go back to work... How nice to have him off for sooo long...
    Have fun tomorrow if you go...
    Glad to have met you this year..
    You are amazing...
    And your family is always on the go...
    Happy New Year girly...
    Hugs to you..
    We love this year watching Mia grow and all the fun pictures..
    Thanks for sharing your amazing family...

  3. What adorable green dresses! :) So pretty!

  4. Mia is always so beautiful, I am glad you enjoyed your down time. I pray 2008 brings good times to you all year long.

  5. I am soooo with you on the summer deal! I'd rather have unstructured play time with the kids than having to make sure they are ready for school, homework done, projects, etc. Bring on SUMMER!!!


  6. Great pictures. I love the green matching dresses!

  7. Oh, I am sorry you guys couldn't make it to help celebrate Kailee's birthday. We'll have to go sometime soon!

    Are those the Naartjie boots I spotted in the photos? :-)

  8. Looks like so much fun. I love the green matching dresses!

  9. Great pictures Christy! Dumont looks so fun, I wish the desert was closer to us.

    Happy New Year to the Bock family!

  10. Happy New Year! It looks like you had a fabulous holiday. I would love to see the "rockets" ;) some time.

  11. Love all these pictures! Mia is such a total doll!!!

    Happy New Year my friend!


  12. Christy, now those are some cute kids! You sound like you had such a great time! Happy New Year to you.


  13. sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! Happy New Year to you all!