Thursday, July 26, 2007

Owen's 7th Birthday!!

Love the Daisy Red Rider BBgun!!

Owen's 7th birthday was actually Wednesday so we decided to celebrate on his actual birthday. Owen had a ton of friends over for a BBQ/ swim/ jump house party. It was a lot of fun and all the kids (and adults) enjoyed themselves. Owen got a lot of great loot from his friends and really enjoyed having everyone over.

So, as I look back at the last 7 years with our little Owen, Here is a top 10 of things I love about my boy!!

1. Owen started out as the most difficult baby in the world and has remained our challenge but within that challenge lies the most generous, loving, kind, motivated, driven little mechanic that will, without a doubt, go VERY far in life.

2. Owen is exceptionally athletic (check out his 6 pack in the pic above) and does well at any sport he tries.

3. Owen is generous and open to anyone. Owen will play with anyone and makes friends very easily. He also is very giving and always gives to other kids.

4. Owen loves his little sister and is the best babysitter in the world. He has even put Mia to sleep in the ERGO-- Way to go Owen!!!

5. Owen has the silliest grin in the world and you will never find a picture where he is just smiling-- annoying but so Owen, therefore I have to love it :)

6. Owen loves to cuddle with mom and dad and is a night person (like mom and dad). Gotta love that-- mornings are another story!

7. Owen is totally independent and is a leader. He does not just go with the others because they are cool or whatever. He is totally unique and his own person. That part of him cracks me up as he will often surprise you with what he does. One morning when he was only 4 or 5 I walked down stairs and he was making eggs on the stove. My initial reaction was shock and was going to get upset with him but then I sat back and watched him and he knew exactly what he was doing and did it well. I told him to make sure he tells me when he wants to make eggs so I know he is on the stove and that is it. He was really good at making eggs and did it well, so there you go. Another thing I love about my boy!!

8. Owen loves school (not the academic part-- the play part) and tries hard when motivated to do so (again, like his mom)

9. Owen LOVES to build!! To date, he has built a boat (you can do anything with 2x4's), a go cart, a tree house and many many many other things. He loves to build anything (this time like daddy) and will work with Kevin in the yard for hours. I love that he will start a project and work on it till the end. Owen is truly mechanically inclined and for sure will end up owning his own construction company or doing something in construction. He is really gifted in this area. I love that about him.

10. Finally, the last thing I love about Owen is that he loves Jesus. He has a deep love for Jesus and that is a big part of his life!!


Swimming with daddy. Owen is on Kevin's back

Steven, Ethan, Carson and Josh

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  1. I just wanted to ask where you got the very pretty necklace that you wore on GOTCHA DAY...
    I wanted to ask you then but knew you would not be able to answer because of the situation..
    Thank you..
    I love reading about your journey to Ms. Mia and how it has been since you have had her.. Hope that you can help me in the long haul ahead..
    Have a great week.
    you can email me if you like..
    Thank you

  2. Hi Christy,

    Looks like Owens birthday was fun and of course the opening of Bass Pro Shop looks like a day adventure in it's self! I know we'll be hitting that place up when we come down this weekend. I'd love to meet up with you and your kids one day while we're there if you want to. I couldn't find an email on your site, so hopefully you'll see this. Anyway, we are going to be in RC from Friday to Monday. Hope to hear from you.