Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lost Gotcha Day Video

I was looking through some things and found a couple of videos from when we first saw Mia. I did not post them initially because we could not hold her and because there was so much other video to post, but now I thought it would be cute to post these two videos of the first time we ever saw Mia.

I may have told this story before, but when we got to Changsha we found out we were getting Mia in the afternoon at 3pm. We were a bit saddened by this as we wanted her in the morning but we got over it quickly. As Gotcha day progressed we kept seeing families with babies that they received in the morning and we thought there would be a group of us in the afternoon also. Well, come to find out, we were the only family in the afternoon. In fact, there were other babies from Yueyang County but they had Gotcha in the morning. So, we were the ONLY family there in the afternoon. In fact, the official that oversees the "hand off" of baby to parents had left for the day because she didn't realize there was a family in the afternoon. In hindsight, I am sooooooooo thankful that we were the only family because it provided a calm and easy environment to get to know Mia.

Anyway, we thought there would be other families when we got off the elevator but as you will see in the video, we were it. The second we got off the elevator we day a nanny holding a baby and I immediately knew it was Mia. The video shows how it progressed but this video is the exact first moments we saw Mia and our interaction. I was stuck by how standoffish the nanny seemed to be. I don't remember her being like that in my mind. I remember her being really nice and friendly as we saw her a few times while in Changsha. AS the video progresses and into the video that was initially posted for Gotcha, she seems to open up a lot. The rule is that we cannot take Mia until the official is there to do the hand off. So, maybe she was worried we would try to take Mia or maybe it was something else. Whatever the case, I remember her being a sweet woman who was easy to smile. She obviously loved Mia as she said so when we saw her when we visited Yueyang COunty. I am also struck by how interested Mia was with us. She just stared at us and watched our every move. She is like that now- very inquisitive and attentive. She also loved my voice from the moment we got her. When I spoke, she always looked at me and studied me. THe reason I point that out is because many of the babies did not like my voice. In fact, we figured it out that there were a few babies who would cry every time I was around speaking. I have an unusual voice and it tends to be a bit louder than the average, so I can understand it scaring babies. But with Mia, she loved it. It really is amazing how perfectly matched she is for our family.

I just really am so thankful for being that one and only family in the afternoon. It made for a calm, relaxed and amazing experience. If we had been in the morning I am sure one baby would have started crying and then it is always a chain reaction. Mia may not have taken to us as well as she did and I 100% credit our afternoon situation for that wonderful bonding experience we had.

Enjoy the videos!

Christy :)


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  1. wow! What precious videos. As much as it must have been difficult not to hold her right away I can't help but think how much nicer this calm, relaxed handover is and that she had time to get to know you even a little bit. What a precious gift this time was!


  2. The video is wonderful!! I am so bringing a sippy cup - lol - who would have thought?

  3. You are more patient than I am. Wow!! That must have been tough to wait to hold her. I can hardly wait for my coffee to be up at Starbucks!! Thanks for posting the videos. They are great. We are still waiting. It is now about 1 a.m. on Sunday. That means we will see our little Eliana tomorrow!