Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Some Cute Mia Video & She has 4 teeth now!!!

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Mia was just being totally cute and I had to document it. I love when she laughs and giggles!!!

Anyway, to add to the cute video, we have good news about our little girl. She now has 4 teeth!!!! We just noticed this morning that her top 2 teeth finally cut. That explains why she was a bit fussy the last few days as well as the runny nose and the horrible night last night. I cant wait till they grow in fully so I can see her adorable new smile. She is just soooo cute I cant handle it!!!!!


  1. Mia is tooo cute..
    Thanks for the email..
    And the people out their who make comments are SICK people..
    Have a great day..

  2. Too cute! Love the legs! And the sicko people out there can just go to ...well yeah you know where!

  3. Hi Christy - Love the video, Mia is too cute. Hannah was on my lap and everytime Mia giggled and kicked, Hannah let out this squeal and kept pointing, "BABEEEE" Looks like you all are doing great. After all you went through, so wonderful to see. Have a great week.

  4. I have to say that this is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen, seriously! Even my 4.5 yr old son loves to see her pictures and video, he always says "hey mom, where's that cute baby?" Love the video and thanks for letting us be a part of your journey...Sharon

  5. Well nekkid baby pics are always cute but in this world icky peole tend to do yucky things with them. Mia is adorable. Tell the rude commenters to back off your site.

  6. I have to write and tell you how MUCH I have enjoyed your blog. I followed you thru China and learned so much. My daughter has a LID date of Dec.25th so who knows how long she has to wait, but looking at the blogs of other people has kept us all sane. Mia is so adorable I can hardly stand it, but enjoy it. We are going crazy trying not to buy girls things, but it doesn't work too well. Enjoy your little angel. Arlene

  7. Hi Christy,

    I loved this video - especially your commentary! :) Mia looks like she's doing great and she'll be crawling soon too!

    -Samantha's mom :)

    p.s. You almost have me convinced to start a blog so I can post some videos of Samantha