Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Disney Again!!!

We went to Disneyland again with Auntie Laila, her daughter Ava and her son Tyler. Auntie Cassie and Carson and Hanna (oh and my kids too). These pictures were of us waiting for the fireworks show. Mia and Ava, as pointed out before, are going to be best friends in the future so we decided to try out their friendship with Mia sitting in Ava's lap. It was sooooo cute. Ava was fascinated with Mia and they just starred at each other. Ava would take Mia's paci out and then put it back in. Mia totally loved it. Then Mia tried to give Ava a kiss. It was just adorable. Then all of a sudden Ava was done and started screaming so we ended the bonding session :)

Mia did really well on this trip to Disneyland. She just in snot phased by anything. She loved the rides (we went on all the little fantasyland rides and toon town and Small World) and was not scared by anything. I remember reading on another adoptive mothers blog that her daughter was not phased by anything and that was one of the things she loved about her daughter. I echo those sentiments as Mia is not scared of anything and I just love that about her. She just takes everything in stride and rolls with whatever is happening. I just love that about her! Anyway, we all had a blast. I think Mia's favorite ride was Small World. She just was wide eyed the whole time. This was a really fun trip to Disneyland and we cant wait to go back soon.

Christy :)

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  1. Hello Christy,
    Our family has followed yours all the way to China. What a blessing it has been to watch your journey unfold. We also are going to China to adopt a precious little one. We will be leaving in 5 days. We are trying to get the little photo albums on the left of our screen, like your blog. We are working with picasa, but we cannot figure it out. If you could help us, we would be so grateful. Thanks!
    Buffi Young
    Madison, AL

  2. WOW.. how fun..
    She is so cute..
    Have a great week..
    Love the pictures..

  3. Great pictures of the future BFFs! I don't think it's future though...they look like they've already decided that they will be BFF's for life! :) Great pics!

    Hey! We'll be back down in RC the first weekend in August. We'd love to meet up and say hi!

  4. Christy!! I have been following your blog and that's why I decided to start our own!! First of all your boys have grown so much. They are so cute. Owen and Jordan would make a great couple. Then of course Mia... I balled watching the video of you guys first meeting her. She is adorable and seems like a total answer to prayer for you guys. We miss California soooooo much. NJ isn't so great. Who knows, maybe we will be back in La Verne in 4 years. At least Andy will then be able to do all of our face lifts and such. hahaha. I can't wait. Take care.
    PS- Lilly still sleeps in your old crib!!