Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mia's First Swim Party

This was a crazy busy weekend and Mia handled it like a champ. On Friday night we took the key players in babysitting the boys while we were in China to our favorite Chinese Restaurant in Pasadena as a thank you for their help. It was great fun and Mia was up way too late but never fussed or anything. She was happy and content. We were so pleased. The next evening we had Ethan's Cub Scout Crossing over BBQ, awards ceremony and program. It was a lot of fun but once again, Mia had to be up really late and she did great again. I am just amazed at how flexible she is. God really knew what He was doing when he put her in our family becuase we tend to have a very crazy schedule and we needed a baby that was relaxed and flexible and Mia is all of that. See, God knows whats up:) Today, Sunday, we went to Church and then had a big birthday party/ BBQ/ Swim Party at our good friends- The Lemlins- house. We have a pool but we have been so busy that we have not had an opportunity to take Mia in our pool but today we decided to try the water. It was totally funny as Mia took to the water like a fish. She loved it. She splashed around with her legs and arms and jumped up and down. She just had a blast. We are so happy about that becuase we spend a large amont of time during the summer in our pool so we are pleased she took to the water.
Mia doing the one eye popeye smile--- So cute!!!
Mia and Daddy. Looking so cute in her pink little bathing suit!
Mommy and Mia enjoyed swimming together.
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  1. Too cute!!!

    Love Summer and pool time - I think I've managed to accumulate at least ten bathing suits for Keira - it's hot in TX, what can I say?!?


  2. Mia is just the cutest baby ever! What a little doll baby! I love the pictures. I wasn't sure if you would find the time to post once you were home. I don't know where you are finding the time, but so glad that you are. I do miss the videos! Is she jabbering? Did Mia's foster mom give you back the disposable cameras you sent in the care package?

  3. No, the foster parents did not return anything I sent. I was disappointed but what can you do. I took some video yesterday of her swimming but ran out of time to post it. I will take a stab at it tonight. Yes, Mia is jabbering away!! She is just a happy baby and I love that about her. Thanks for following our blog.