Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fu Shing Thank You DInner

We wanted to thank the key players for their help babysitting the boys while we were in China. We took my mom and dad, my sister Cassie and Chuck and Susan (our friends) to our favorite Chinese restaurant in Pasadena. Kev and I have been going to Fu Shing's for years and we love their food, so we thought it was appropriate to take them to Chinese. We really appreciate all these key players did for us and for making our boys feel loved and safe in the absence of their mom and dad-- We love you guys and THANKS TONS!!!

Grandma and Mia. They are getting along very well and Mia is getting to know her grandma. My mom calls everyday to find me so she can come see Mia. It is so cute that she is so eager to be involved in Mia's life. We love that!!!
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