Thursday, June 7, 2007

Mia visits her brothers classes!!!

Wednesday Mia and I went to the boys school to visit. First we went to Owen's first grade class. They were having a "Surfing Into Second Grade" Day. They were up on the upper grassy field and the whole afternoon was filled with games and activities including Big Sticks (see picture). The class loved her and enjoyed playing with her. Owen was beaming. He just thought he was so cool with his little sister. He likes being a big brother for the fist time in his life. The blond girl next to him is Hannah who is our good friends daughter. They live about a 2 minute drive or a 10 minute walk just up the horse trail from us. In fact, Hannah is in Owen's class and her older brother Carson is in Ethan's class. We try to keep both kids in the same classes. It works well that way. Also, while we weer in China, the boys rode the bus home each day to Carson and Hannah's house and did homework and played. Their parents, Chuck and Susan, were life savers. Without them childcare would have been very difficult to arrange. They were AWESOME!!!

Owen and Ms. Serls's First Grade Class
Owen in Mia's pink stroller- Hannah broke her arm a few months ago.
After we visited Owen's class, Mia and I went to Ethan's third grade class. His teacher is Mr. Kooyman and Ethan loves him. Carson is the blond kid in the front with his mouth open.

Posted by PicasaThe Cousins!!! Ethan, Mia, Mr. Kooyman and Cousin Kaitlyn. We put Ethan and Kaitlyn in the same class. They are cousins and get along great so it works out well.

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  1. Christy,
    I found your site through RQ and followed your journey in China. I am getting ready to start my own blog, would you mind if I linked your blog on mine??
    Debbie LID for Darci 3-7-06