Tuesday, April 24, 2007

When Will Our Travel Approval (TA) Come???

We are waiting!! I hate waiting and I thought I became a pro with the 19 month + wait for our referral, but now I realize I really learned nothing at all!!! This is part is hard. I know who our Mia is. I have seen her adorable, cute, chubby, beautiful little face. I know where she is. I know all there is to know about her but I cant do anything at this point but to wait until we get to travel. I WANT TO TRAVEL NOW!!!!!

OK, so what does my little rant mean? As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are waiting for our Travel Approval (TA). Basically, we sent our acceptance letter back to China and once they receive it they will mail out our invitation to come pick Mia up. I have seen people receive their TA's as quick as 2 weeks and as long as 5 weeks. We sent our TA to China on 4-9-07 so if we are on the early side of things, we may get our TA late this week or if they mail it out late this week, we could get it early next week. Here is the issue. China takes a whole week off the first week in May for their labor day celebration. They are literally off the whole week. So, if they don't mail our TA out this week, then we will not get our TA until after they get back from their holiday which will put our travel towards the end of May-- UGGGG!!!! So, we need to pray CCAA mails out our TA this week so we can travel more towards the beginning of May as opposed to the end. I know it is only a few weeks, but we so desperately want to just get our little girl and start bonding with her so a few weeks are HUGE to us.

That is where we are. Nothing much happening around here except waiting. I am starting to think I should start packing. I need to print off a packing list and begin because I have been told it takes forever to pack. It trips me out to think about all the things I need to get. Walking around Target the other day shocked me into reality (also freaked me out). Like, we need to buy bottles-- but which ones? We need hygiene stuff-- but what? Do we need toys? Which ones? I feel pretty confidant about the clothes but the other stuff I am just clueless about. Remember, it has been almost 9 years since I bought baby stuff. I bought it for Ethan but didn't need to get anything for Owen so it has really been almost 9 years so I am totally out of the loop. I need to just start packing and take it one step at a time. I actually look forward to packing but I was hoping to wait until we got our TA so we would know our actual dates of travel but I guess I can just start now so I have plenty of time.

So, that's about it for now. As soon as I hear anything about TA's I will post and let you all know what is up.

Christy :)


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  2. Hope your TA arrives soon. I happened across your blog and am sharing in the excitement of your trip to Mia!

  3. We are 10/27 LID and should be in the next batch of referrals. We live in Irvine, CA. I have used a couple of packing lists that I received to create my own and also created a shopping list of stuf that I need to get for us and then another for the baby. If you really get stuck, I can send them to you if you give me your email. Mia is so darn adorable - no wonder you are dying to get there!! I will say a prayer that your TA comes soon.

    Jamie donchess

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  5. Sheesh, anonymous! Nothing like flaming someone and not leaving a name!

    Perhaps it's time to go private again, Christy? Leave your blog open to people who are supportive of yours and everyone's long wait.

  6. I just read anonymous' mean post and I am so sad and angry. I have known Christy very well for 23 years and I think that anonymous is totally misinterpreting Christy's posts. She is posting on this blog really as a way to document her thoughts and feelings during this process. When she says things like 'we need to pray that my TA comes soon' she doesn't mean it as 'everyone all around the world NEEDS to pray for ME to get MY TA', she is just commenting as if she was talking to a good friend, saying that she and her family are going to be praying that it comes soon.

    I am so hurt for Christy that this person would write something so mean. She is so thrilled and excited to get Mia, but you should also see her when she meets someone else who has adopted or is adopting - her face lights up and she asks a ton of questions and wants to know all about their experience. I have seen this personally so many times as I am one of her best friends. She talks to me about other people on the adoption boards and their journeys all the time. She follows others' blogs and tells me you have to go read this person's blog. She has cried both happy tears and sad tears while following their experiences.

    So while anonymous may have interpreted her posts to be very "me me me", that is a very inaccurate interpretation of Christy as a person, and it is also a very inaccurate interpretation of her intentions when she posts. I know she is sad that someone has interpreted her this way.

    Also, Christy is very much an open book when it comes to sharing her thoughts and feelings. She posted so much online for all to see when she was skipped. She shared her heartbreak, worries, and anger. I thought it was a brave thing to do, especially seeing as people can misinterpret things they read online (without the benefit of tone, expression, etc).

    Anyways, I don't know how to end this, but coming from someone who knows her probably as well as anybody, please know that Christy is a very loving, warm, affectionate, and thoughtful person who maybe has come off to a few people as being overly-absorbed in her own journey based on her internet postings. While she is understandably very involved and excited about getting Mia home, she is most definitely not the selfish and uncaring person anonymous made her out to be.

  7. Hi Christy!!!

    I am really hoping your TA comes this week so you can get on the plane and bring Mia home. The waiting for TA I think was one of the most difficult things for me since as you mentioned, you already know who your little one is.

    As far as packing, I packed a little bit each day and it gave me a lot of time to make sure we had everything we needed and I didn't feel rushed. A couple of words of advice on packing: (1) Don't buy the space bags - Ziplocs worked better for me when packing all of Bruce's clothes and stuff and (2) if you can, order the pediatric medical kit - came in really handy and it had everything we needed for the trip.

    Best wishes an d I can't wait to see with your little one soon.

    Linda Jones

  8. We adopted from Korea (twice:) and the second one we had got his picture and info in June and he arrived to us on Oct. He had his first Bday that August, which was the hardest day ever. I know what you are going through but you will get her soon:-)and the LONG wait will all be worth it. Keep smiling and ignore nasty peoples comments.