Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I'm Well-- Time to get stuff done!!!

Well, I am finally feeling better. I got the flu on Friday and today is finally the first day I am feeling well. Thank goodness it is over- for me at least. Poor Ethan is still really sick. He is still running a fever but I am hoping he is at least on the tail end of it. Pray he gets better soon. He is missing a lot of school.

Anyway, now that I am well I thought I must get all the things on my list done while I am on Spring Break. OH LET THE NESTING BEGIN!!! I could not have been any happier when my best friend Laila called this morning to discuss the goings on with Rumor Queen (as we discuss every morning- then again at about 9am and at 10 and 11 and so on and so on) and she mentioned she would love to come over and help me do all my chores. I have been dreading going through the boys room and organizing the loft and then majorly putting off finishing Mia's room so when Lai offered to help, I was ecstatic!!! So, we met for lunch and then began the work. We totally went through all the junk in the boys room and organized and tossed a ton of things. We bought Owen a new dresser and went though some clothes and tossed a ton of shoes. The boys room is looking good. Then we headed into the loft. We have the Pottery Barn basket system and each basket has a theme. We filled a ton of bags with toys that the boys don't play with anymore. We had to finally say goodbye to all the Toy Story characters and we emptied a bunch of baskets to now fill them with toys for Mia. I was so happy to weed through all those toys and toss the broken ones and give the good ones to charity. YAAAAA!!!! It feels so good to have that done!!!

Now for the big news. Lai has a daughter, Ava, who was a year in January. Ava is very healthy and tends to wear bigger sizes than her age soooooo Mia (hopefully) will be about one year behind her in clothes. Last summer Ava was in 6-12 month clothes so if Mia is under a year, I am sure all those 6-12 month clothes will fit her (we are hoping). So, Laila brought all of Ava's clothes over and we started going through them. OH MY GOODNESS ARE THEY CUTE!!! First of all, Lai buys really cute clothes. Mostly Gymboree and really nice lines of clothes so they are just adorable. Plus, Lai is clothes crazy so many of the items have never been worn. So, Mia has more clothes than she will EVER need at any stage. That by no means indicates that I will not buy her new clothes-- quite the opposite-- but at least it may curb my spending :) Lai hung up a lot of the cute little dresses but we ran out of hangers. I am going to hang up and put away a bunch of the clothes tomorrow and then I am going to post some pictures of my favorites. You cannot imagine how cute these girl clothes are-- so much better than boy clothes ever thought of being-- Oh how long I have been waiting for this!!

Anyway, Lai helped me with the clothes and then we hung some pictures on the walls in Mia's room and did a few more decorative things in there. It is looking GREAT and I am getting very close to being done. I want to give props to HERCULES HOOKS. I ordered these little hook/ nail type thing online after watching a stupid infomercial but OH MY HOW THEY WORK!!! They are so easy and they work great!! If you have been putting off buying them-- don't! They are awesome!!

So, that was my majorly productive day thanks to my best friend Laila (Lai and her twin sister Laura and I have been best friends since we were 12. That is more than 23 years!!) LAILA, YOU ARE SO AWESOME AND I SO APPRECIATE ALL YOUR HELP-- YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!

That's all for now.



  1.'re very, very welcome Chris! It was so much fun and I felt very productive:) I think everthing is looking GREAT and I can't wait till we find out who Mia is! Doing all the organizing and decorating helped me pass the time without getting on that dang RQ all day lol, so it was good for me too:)

  2. Sounds like a great day! What a good friend! I hope we hear something before the end of next week!

  3. So glad you're feeling better both physically and mentally. If you and Laila need more tasks, our Mia's room isn't quite ready yet either.


  4. There are few things more fun than hanging up the baby clothes! You and I have a lot in common - we have two bio girls who are 5 and 7 and adopted our little sweetie, Shae (15 mo) in October '06. And I'm a part-time school psychologist, too! I started following your blog when you posted about being skipped on RQ - I can't wait to see a picture of your new daughter. Our agency is thinking referrals will arrive on Monday.