Monday, April 16, 2007

What's Next?? Oh Ya, More Clothes!!

Many of you have asked what comes next. We sent our acceptance letter to China last Monday 4/9/07 way before most people even knew they had a referral, so I think we were ahead of the game. When you send your acceptance letter to China you then wait to get your Travel Approval (TA) which is when China tells you that it is OK to come and get your daughter. Once you get your TA (which normally takes anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks) you can then schedule your US Consulate Appointment (CA). Once the CA is scheduled you can book your travel and once you book the travel, you usually travel within a week or so. It is literally that fast. So, since we were ahead of the game in getting our acceptance letter back to China, we may get our Travel Approval (TA) quickly since there is a direct link to how fast you get your acceptance letter back and how fast you get your TA. So, our travel time is dependant on how fast we get our TA. My prayer would be that we are able to leave the second week in May, but we will see. If we get our TA back within a few weeks, that may be possible. If it takes longer, it may be more towards the 3rd week in May or later. I pray it is quick as all I want to do at this point is get our Mia home!!

Onto the next issue. Yes, I admit I have a problem. The only problem is I'm not sure what the next step is. Anyone know? So, how am I to move on in the 12 steps if I cant remember the next. Oh well, I guess I have to continue shopping!!! As you can see, I did a bit more shopping but it was for basics and I am trying not to buy anymore dresses. Plus, The Children's Place had a $4.99 all store special so how could I not buy the basics for both Mia and the boys there? Anyway, I got a ton of cute stuff that is just basics, but they are cute basics. Also, I included a couple pictures of the care package we sent Mia. We sent it off on Friday so hopefully she will get it this week.
We included a soft blanket, a photo album with pics of Kev and I, a single of me, a single of Kevin, a pic of Ethan and Owen and a pic of the dogs. I then found the puzzle thing that had a rattle thing on one side and a place to put a picture on the other. Just another way to get to know our faces. Also I included 2 disposable cameras and finally the ladybug bear so generously given to Mia by Michelle one of my cyber buddies-- Thanks Michelle!!!
Just cute little basic skorts. Love the camo one!
Cute little capris and some basic shirts!
A little Ralph Lauren sweat suit I got at Marshals (discount store)

Pink Camo sweat shirt, green cute sweater and cute flower white sweater. All were only $4.99 each!
Yes, this is a full closet. The other side is getting full so I think I will have Kevin put in a closet organizer for more space and better organization.

And yes, her chest of drawers is also full-- UGGG!!!

No reason to put this in but I was taking pics so I thought, Why not??


  1. Hi Christy,

    I have been following your blog, but never commented. I am so glad you were able to bring your blog back. I loved seeing the pics of your Mia. She is so adorable, and how special she is so young. I love all your pics of ALL the clothes. Enjoy every minute getting ready for Mia!!


  2. LOL! You're worse than I am about the shopping! I hope you get to bring Mia home very soon.

  3. Beautiful clothes ... for a beautiful baby. She reminds me our daughter Isabella when she was a baby ... who is also from Hunan.

  4. Oh we feel so much better after seeing your closet. People have been making fun of all the clothes that Dana has bought for Mia.

    We're leaving for Beijing on May 3rd and leaving Guangzhou on the 16th, that is, if Homeland Security lets Dana go in the first place.

    Maybe our paths will cross???


  5. Oh, I have the same furniture for Olivia. I think it's so beautiful and girly! I'm impressed with that closet full of clothes!