Thursday, April 5, 2007


Will our referral get here soon? Not sure. Reports on RQ are bleak with regards to cut off date but they do say that many agencies are saying referrals are in the mail and could be delivered as early as tomorrow or more likely on Monday. So, there is a chance that we could get "the call" tomorrow but more than likely on Monday. WOW!!! That would be so amazing if it was tomorrow. I would love to show the family Mia's pictures on Easter but if not I am totally cool with Monday.

So, the bleak news about cut off date is that many agencies are reporting that CCAA only did 2 days worth of referrals this month. So, if that info is correct, then only people with log in dates of 10-25 and 10-26-05 will get their referrals in this batch. That would not be fun for many people who have been expecting referrals. I feel so bad if that is true, but one thing I have learned over the last 22 months is that until CCAA changes their site, you don't know the cut off date.

Anyway, maybe we will get news tomorrow-- maybe not- but I do know that it will be soon and I can hardly wait to see our wonderful Mia's face. So, for all of you picture lovers, here are some cute ones I took of some of the clothes Lai gave me as well as some pics of Mia's room (Lai and I hung some stuff on the walls). Enjoy!!!

All of the following clothes were given to me from my friend Laila-- Thanks Lai!!!
Our little Bathing Beauty
ADORABLE Dresses!! I'm such a sucker for dresses!

More Dresses

And more...

Lai and I finally put most of the things on the walls in Mia's room. There are still a few more things to put up but we did a lot of it. The tree on the wall has limbs and leaves that you can tuck pictures and other cool stuff in them. I will put pics of the family and Mia's referral and shower invites in the tree. So, it looks empty right now but it wont be for long.

My friend Susan gave me the drape holder thing above the crib-- not sure what it is called. It is so cool and I love it. The sheers I made from a big piece of material I got for $6 at Walmart. I cut it in half and used glue to hem the bottom (sewing is not my thing) and then I stitched the ribbon on the top and tied them together. I think they look awesome and including the ribbon the whole thing was under $9 (can you tell I am proud of myself). They pool on the ground so I can completely enclose the crib if I wanted (or if we were in a rain forests and needed to keep bugs out :)

Another view.
Like I said, I still have to hang a few more things so when I do I will post more pics. I think Mia will love her room. I know I have loved decorating it and I love to spend time in there envisioning what it will be like rocking Mia to sleep in the chair :)


  1. Just saw on RQ that a referral was posted. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ALMIGHTY GOD...please let Mia be in this batch. Keep us updated Christy...

  2. Adorable room and clothes! Checking to see if you got your referral!

  3. Very, very cute room and dresses. You must be so happy. I totally do not want to be a poop, but be careful with the draping sheers. People say you aren't supposed to put cribs near drapes because kids can pull them into the crib and strangle themselves. They look cute, but could be really dangerous.