Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mia Referral Pictures~~ Finally!

I finally was able to get Mia in the yard with her referral picture and take some pictures. We have had some crazy rainy weather so we finally had a nice sunny day we could take some pictures. Mia loved every second of it as she loves her baby pictures. Finley even wanted part of the action but they had just drank something that was super red so their lips and teeth were red so it made picture kinda funny- but they are still cute!!!


  1. So sweet!! We got our referral almost one year later in April, 2008. My Yueyang girl was born in September 2007, just a few short months after your referral. I really need to get a picture like this with my daughter. Have always loved that idea but have never gotten around to it.

  2. CUTENESS.... i sooo remember that day... Hugz...

  3. not sure why, but i sobbed like a baby seeing these! what a great idea to document with her referral pic! i need to do this with my emery! and i'm loving the update pics of your emery!!!! what a cutie pie and the resemblance between her and mia is incredible!!!!!