Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Update-- we got better resolution pictures tonight. I replaced the pics on the post with the new more clear pics. I love being able to see her face and features better!

So shocked and excited that we got an update on Emery!!!! As I mentioned in a previous post, China (CCCWA) changed the rules and we had to go through them to get an update which for most people was not good but for us, it was basically forcing  Kunming, where Emery is, to comply and give an update WITH pictures. They NEVER give pictures so the fact that Kunming complied ~ We are shocked!!!!

These adorable pictures were taken probably last week (her bday was 4-6 so she just turned 1). They are clearly taken with a cell phone and even the people who provided these to us said they would try to get a couple more pictures that are clearer. We will see if they come through with more pics- if not, we are happy just to see new awesome pics of our little girl!!!
OK, so I am stuck with how much she resembles Mia. They have the same nose, eyes and mouth. They are so similar and it is nice to know what Emery might grow up to look like. She has so little hair-- wow!!! I will figure out how to get a bow in there somehow- tape works!!!
She is such a cutie pie!! Love her sitting on the step. Man is she tan. She is going to be like Mia-- super tan!!

According to the update, she is close to walking but not there yet. I am guessing, in 2 months when we are there, she will probably be walking-- man will we be busy!!

OK, so these are pics of Emery at 1 year and Mia for her 1 year pics. Look how similar they look. Same features. Yes, Mia has lots more hair, but eventually I think they will look very similar.


We are just so excited that Emery is doing great and that her heart murmur is just fine. She looks developmentally on track and super healthy. I think she is going to be a petite thing but who knows. She is in foster care so I know she is being well loved and taken care of. We are thrilled and cant wait till we get to Kunming to get her-- probably late June!!!

Here is the update!

The Update Growth Report on Special Needs Adoptee

Children’s Welfare Institute in Kunming City

Name Long Jiayu Sex Female DOB Apr.6,2011

General condition:
Height 76CM (29 inches- 25%ile) 
Weight 9KG (19pounds- 25%ile)
  Head size 42CM Chest Size 44CM  Foot length  12CM Tooth 4 

Physical condition: She is healthy, seldom gets sick

Rehabilitation: She has not received any Rehabilitation for her special needs.

Living condition: The child has been living in the foster family since Sep.2011.

There are other children in the foster family.

Mental development: Compared to children of her age, the child's intellectual development is the same.

Motor skills development: The Child will sit in the walker and slide, can play in the water when baths, can squat and stand up with the hands holding the rails and takes steps with hands held, can pick up the toys with one hand while the other hand holding the support, likes climbing

Speech & language developments: She could laugh aloud, babbles

Adaptability: The child has good communication with the caretakers and likes to be hold

She enjoys hugs and attention from her nurturers, especially when she is upset or sad.

Meal schedule and food preference: Breakfast(noodle, porridge, milk and rice flour) at 8:00,lunch (nutritious porridge +egg) at 12:00, snack including milk and bread at 14:30,supper(nutritious porridge +egg) at 18:00,milk before sleeping at 21:30

Defecation and urination: Use diapers

Sleep schedule: She gets up at 7:00 every morning and goes to bed at 21:30 in the evening. Midday nap is 12:30—14:30.

She sleeps well.

She sleeps with the foster mother

Education: Nil

Social development: The child is too young to play with other children

Daily life, personality, hobbies, etc.: Gets up at 7:00,breakfast at 8:00, playing games at 9:30—11:00,lunch at 12:00,nap 12:30—14:30,snack at 14:30午点,playing games 15:00—17:00,supper at 18:00,go to bed at 21:30。

she is happy and has ready smile(she would cry when the familiar persons leave); like to be hold; likes listening to music

Favorite toys and activities: She likes playing with others. Now she likes climbing; she likes the colorful toys that could be hold easily.


  1. She is just adorable. I am soooo excited for you!

  2. She is ABSOLUTELY precious!!!!! Can't wait to follow your trip to China.

  3. Awww. . . She's beautiful, Christy! I'm so glad that you were able to get an update!

  4. How exciting to see current pictures of her! I know my heart would be soaring! It's amazing how much she does look like Mia. Hoping the next 2 months fly-by so you can go get your sweet little boo boo!

  5. She is so precious!!! When the first picture came up, I thought "she looks like Mia!" So cute!

  6. OMG so great! She looks a ton like Emma! Super tan is right! Perhaps they are the same minority? Not sure if you see it?

    Emma is now 19 pounds as well and 6 mos younger and she is just fine!!

    SO GOOD they told you about the co sleeping thing! I wish we would have known that going into this!!

    You must be over the moon!!