Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I800 Approval~ Dance~ Easter

Yes, life has be greatly behind on many things. Besides the end of every school year being a chaotic mess with work, life has also been pretty darn crazy. You see, in the school system and special education in particular, the end of the school year is when they want to get as many kids tested as possible so that their placement for the next school year can be determined. So we test and test like crazy to get these kids placed and then, in 3 years when they need their triennial review, we have to not only test all the many kids we usually test but we also have all the reevaluations we have to do as well. All that to say that WORK IS CRAZY and I am going crazy as I do at the end of every year - so this too shall pass-- I just have to keep repeating this over and over.

We got our I800 approval on Friday-- yaaaa!!!! This just basically means that in the eyes of the US government that Emery will be our daughter and she is legally able to become a US citizen upon arriving in the US. The next step is the National Visa Center sends a cable to the US Consulate in Guangzhou and that takes about 8 days. Once we get a copy of the letter, we print it and our agency is able to drop our full packet at the consulate in Guangzhou and we wait 2 more weeks for them to create our Article 5. Once we get our Article 5, our paperwork is dropped at CCCWA and we wait for our final travel approval which takes about 2 more weeks. All in all, we are looking at leaving sometime in June. So one step closer!!!!!

Owen had his first Junior High School Dance. He is such fun kid and had a wonderful time!!!

 Awww!!! Owen loves his daddy!!!

 Cool Man!!!!

 He looked so cute!! He chose his cute outfit and was so excited to find Skinny Kakies!

I also came across some Easter pictures I forgot about. Been so busy I forgot to even post about it so here are some pics just for the heck of it-- this was Easter morning!

 Getting their Baskets!!

 The girls got cute little (cheap-- love that) dresses.

The boys have been wanting a watch for a while so we finally bought them a sturdy watch.


  1. Fun, fun, fun! Congrats on your i800 approval! Onward and upward girl!

  2. I have been keeping up with you but haven't commented :) I CANNOT believe how grown up your boys handsome. And those darling girls..can't wait to see Emery in the pic, YAY for I800!!!! xoxo

  3. Congratulations on your I-800 approval! Praying that TA comes really fast!! It's fun to see your kids! Praying you get some relief at work, but maybe it will keep you distracted until TA!!!