Monday, August 8, 2011

Rincon Beach!!!

OK--side note-- Not sure why the new blogger editor is putting pictures backwards but all the pictures in this post are backwards-- sorry!

We went to Rincon Beach last week with Kevin's brother and his family and Kevin's parents came out for one of the days. It was a great time and we had a blast. You truly are beach front and a stone throw from the water. It is an amazingly relaxing trip and the kids love it!!!! We had a wonderful trip!

Again, the pictures are backwards but Owen took this campfire picture of me and wanted me to post it-- too funny!

Mia climbing down the rocks. Our trailer sits at the top of the rocks and the beach is directly below. Very short distance to the water.

The girls with her cousin Kylie

Mia, Kaitlyn, Kylie and Finley

The girls found an umbrella and posed for some pictures for me.


Mia loves taking pictures and will pose for anyone!


Too cute!!!

Of course each child was buryed at some point during the trip. Mia helped bury Owen this time.

Watching the activities

Burying Kaitlyn

Kylie and Lynsee (auntie Lynsee to the kids)

Greg and Lynsee (Kevin's brother)

Kevin's parents joined the party!

Cool birds in formation

The birds were a trip-- they even dodged the kite lines

Ethan showing off his well sculpted physique--lol!!

I just cant believe he is growing up so much. He is only about a half inch from my height and is almost 13 and going into the 8th grade-- I am blown away by how old and big he is getting-- wow!!!

Some of Greg and Lynsee's friends came out for a couple nights and they brought their little girls. They were so cute and the girls enjoyed playing with them!

Grandma and Mia

Owen flying a kite

Getting all the kites in the air

Finley flying a kite--wearing Kevin's sun glasses

Pretty girl!

Older kids boogie boarding

Older kids climbing down the rocks

Our little pro-boogie boarders-- not sure what was up with Owen but cute picture other than that.

Practicing her gymnastics moves

Owen and Kylie-- cute pic!

Finley loves the sand

Greg and Lynsee had their dogs there so the girls enjoyed walking them all over.  Finley had Molsen.

Mia had Keeta

Rincon was awesome! We hope to go again sometime during the school year or even Easter vacation.

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  1. You guys have had a great summer! Love the Rincon adventures and all the pictures. I'm amazed I've never been there in all my camping adventures! I've added it to my list of to-dos!

    I'm amazed at how grown up Ethan is looking every time you post a new just seemed like yesterday that he was in fourth grade!

    Hugs to all of you!