Thursday, August 18, 2011


Kevin and Owen have taken off and are currently on their way from LAX to Miami and then to Port au Prince tomorrow morning. I belive they arrive in Haiti around 1pm and they then have the 4 hour drive in the back of an open pick up truck to Grand Goave where they will start building Rubble Houses the next day. I am so excited Owen is going to get to experience this and my prayer is that this will forever impact him. You can not be changed by a missions trip to Haiti. The devastation, poverty and destruction is so overwhelming it is hard to even comprehend. But, the Haitian people make you realize how resilient people are. That God gave these people the ability to praise Him even when their lives have been torn apart. These people are the reason Kevin has been to Haiti 3 times and will be returning again in 3 months. The people draw you in and the comradely and love we have with these wonderful Haitians is unbelievable.

Luckily, Kev will have WIFI so he will email me pictures and an update every night so I will be able to update anyone who is interested in their adventure.

This is the truck that Kev and Owen will ride in from the airport to Grand Goave. It takes about 4 hours but if the roads were good and you just drove 60 miles per hour it would only take about 40 minutes-- long drive-- uggg!!! Owen will get a lot of breaking in as he drives through the streets of Port au Prince. That was very hard to see-- especially at the beginning of the trip. The devastation was hard to deal with.

Kevin with some of the amazing kids

And this is my baby boy who is going to get the education of his life. It is going to be so fun to take an entitled American kid and drop him into the middle of devastation Haiti. I cant wait to see how he responds. Owen is our worker kid and loves to work and is wonderful with other kids and adults so it is going to be so fun to see what this does to him.

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  1. Oh Christy! What an experience this will be for Owen and for Kevin too! They will be in my prayers! Looking forward to the updates.