Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hosting Chinese Students

Every year our church hosts 100 Chinese students from Chengdu Sichwan China. They come to the USA for over a month but spend 12 of the days living in host family homes (people from our church) and going to school at our church. They learn about American Culture, English, Food and most importantly Religion. Every year we have a number of students accept the Lord as their personal savior which makes the whole program worth every little inconvenience (there are some with all the extra driving etc.). This year we had two great boys- Dwayne- 16 and Blues-17. They were great kids and we will stay in contact with them through email. We have been hosting students for 6 years now and are still in email contact with a number of them. It is very cool!!!!

Pictures came out backwards but these are our boys with the girls at a function at Coldstone Creamery-- yummm!!!!

The boys always love Owen becuase Owen will just hang with them. He is so easy to get along with and he will just sit there and ask them questions or go shoot hoops with them. Ethan is always off with his other friends and enjoys the boys but rather be doing other things. Owen is all about just hanging with them and finding out about their lives-- to cute!!!

More Owen love!! The three other boys are the boys my parents hosted.


The church sends all of us to a baseball game and the Chinese students always enjoy the experience.

The other boys are the boys my parents hosted. They were a lot younger-- one was only 12 and was just a few days older than Ethan which is scary to me. I don't know that I would send Ethan to China for over a month-- wow!!

Owen acting in his typical manner

Little miss poser!

And our non-poser!

I really didn't take many pictures of our student but we did have a great time and will look forward to hosting again next year!!!


  1. What a wonderful experience for all of the kids!


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